silica blast

  1. farside05

    Making your own Silica supplement aka Faux-Tekt

    Here is another round of the Do-It-Yourself Faux Series. How to make your own Silica supplement similar to Dyna Gro Pro-Tek, Botanicare Silica Blast, General Hydroponics Armor SI, Grotek Pro-Silicate, Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin, etc., we'll call it Faux-Tekt®. First you need to acquire a...
  2. wearefarmers77

    Elite mixed with other nutrients?

    so i am a first time grower i am using 5 gallon buckets and also a ebb flow system will be posting pictures soon. i started veg in early janurary with clones gifted from a friend. we have been using elite nutrients and also cal mag due to purple stems , also added silica and terpinator all to...
  3. B

    Botanicare Pure Blend Additives - Silica Blast & Hydroplex

    Hello everyone I have been using Botanicare's Pure Blend nutrients for all past grows and have had great results. Now I have been thinking about stepping it up with some additives. I use LIQUID KARMA every watering, but thats the only additive I have used. I was looking for some input from...
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