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  1. choozenOne

    New one from grape-vine country

    Hi growers ! Hi everybody ! I'm new here, bot not in growing ;-) Well my goal is one day to make a protocol with the best results to help some diseases like epilepsy. It's not so easy to help, so i decided to do something, to do anything in cannabis growing if it's possible by an organic way...
  2. E

    Mono Silicic Acid - Power Si or Super Si

    Hey guys, what's up? I am thinking about hitting up my next run with a new product, either Power Si or Super Si. I've noticed alot of growers on instagram blowing up Power Si, seems to be the new thing people are adding out there. I've done some research and its seems to be an available form...
  3. G

    Silica & crab meal

    What is the best source of silica and how much do I add per gallon of soil Also how much crab shell should I add I've been building a soil: Edna's best organic (8 cubic feet as the base plus ewc (20 lbs)dolomite lime (1 cup)epsom salt (3/4 cup)and a 4 lb of organic rose food that is bone meal...
  4. cnile

    Silica for mothers or not

    would i want the stems of new growth to be rich in silica and thick or more spindly and bendy for clones? should i supp silica for mother in coco. also is my best clones coming from bottom or tops. i have lots of bottoms i want to cut and throw but if you think they might be better clones...
  5. MickFoster


    I grow in coco and I was wondering how many growers add silica to their nutrient solution and does it make a difference?
  6. M


    Hi. I need a product that can be bought from Europe that contains silica and is for vege/vege+flower. I use Advanced Nutrients but their Rhino Skin is for flowering so I wanna try some. Heard it's good. ^^
  7. F

    Will silica harm the bennies?

    Hey guys, I cant seem to find the answer to this question.. I have a bottle of mad farmers "organic" Silica. This leads me to think its okay to add to a tea? I have been doing weekly teas on my girls and they love it so I would hate to destroy the soil life. Any ideas?