silver haze

  1. The Reach

    The Reach

    Silver Haze Auto week 6+
  2. Silver Haze recovers from caterpillar damage

    Silver Haze recovers from caterpillar damage

  3. Drugg

    Abandoned Drugg's Silver Haze Grow Journal 2017

    Alright, a little back ground, this is my first grow, and I am winging it to say the least. My cousin gave me one auto flowering seed, so I decided to purchase some equipment. I planted the "Silver Haze", according to him in a peat pellet and it was successful. .1 for 1, at this point I am...
  4. Cannafeld

    Blooming/Buds With Little Or No Smell

    Hi all, Buds which should have been stinky has no smell or just lite smell, talking about more then one strain, ...O they r still growing/in soil. my thoughts - Due to very hot days almost 40 Deg C, almost a month now.. lockout of nutes even cross my thought - spider mites attack - which...
  5. V

    Abandoned Velo's - 400W - Hydro - Semi-Ghetto - Silver Haze (Flowering Phase)

    Hello ladies and gentleman, Please allow me to thank you for stopping by my humble thread. This is now my third grow and let me tell you : growing pot is the next best thing to smoking pot. :Namaste: What strain is it? Silver Haze Has been in Flowering for 2 days Finished Veg after 9 weeks...
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