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  1. F

    Light issue

    I am using King Plus 800w Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Specturm for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing (10w Leds)ing. Never used one before. Fan motors to cool light are producing an extreme amount of heat similar to HPS. Was under impression that low heat was one of the benefits...
  2. E

    Tiny little seeds in my Sour Diesel - Genetic Hermy? - Pics included

    Just harvested my first attempt at this strain and found some little seeds in it. NOthing happened that would have triggered hermaphrodite characteristics. possibly genetic. The Martian Candy I had next to it was perfect. Looks great and smells amazing. I heard Sour D is prone to this...
  3. I

    THC in alcohol?

    Hi friends, I'll try to make some cannabis oil from buds and a lot of trim. After a first filtering I've got a residue that is similar in color to hashish, they are crystals of THC or are residues to be filtered again before evaporation process to obtain the oil? The Thc is in the bottom of the...
  4. S

    What strain am I growing? Buddy specialists please help me!

    Hey guys, I'm growing some seeds outdoor, but as I didn't buy them I don't know their names... I would love to know this strain name or at least some "similar" strains so I could investigate... Follow some pictures... Thank you in advance!
  5. TheFertilizer

    Cheap but good soil that needs no amending?

    I have been using Black Gold but it keeps coming with fungus gnats st no extra charge so I am going to switch. I could get a 2 cubic foot bag for like twelve bucks though, does anyone know of similar priced soil that will work well? Seems like most soils pepper suggest are twice or even four...
  6. C

    Companion Planting for Duckfoot

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions as to possible companion plants for duckfoot. In particular, I'm looking for a flowering plant which is similar in appearance to the buds to cover the last stages of growth when Duckfoot begins to give its real identity away. The plan is to establish a...
  7. B

    Metabolism boosters

    So if metabolism us a key, wouldn't it make sense to take chromium or something similar at least til it's close to test time?