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    Moss1310 SinMint Cookies Indoor Twilight Spider MCOB Soil Grow Journal- 2017

    Hello Everyone, Starting a small indoor grow of Sin City Seeds' SinMint Cookies. It's only my second indoor grow, so any tips will be greatly appreciated! I germinated 5 feminized seeds and all of them popped on March 15th. I'm going to use a small 2 x 4 tent, so will probably end up using...
  2. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 4th May 2016

    Back In Stock (you can see the full list of seeds back in stock here) Delta9 Lab Canna Sutra Seeds Dr Underground King Kong Feminised Seeds Green House Exodus Cheese Feminised Seeds KC Brains KC45 Feminised Seeds Nirvana White Rhino Seeds Sweet Fast Bud #2 Auto Autoflowering Feminised...
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    Sincity WN December 2014-2015 4K Grow

    This is my first medical indoor grow ever. I've grown outdoors before but I've learned that indoor is a whole other animal. I'm less than a month in and I've already learned a ton from the hydro shop I go to, my brother who is also a caregiver and the 100 threads and journals I've read on this...
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