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    First Ever Grow - My Single Plant Experiment

    Hi there, I did read the guidelines about starting a grow diary. I have to confess I didn't know the answers to all of the suggested grow features to include. I am only growing a single plant and things like profitability are not an issue. I just wanted a stab at growing myself. Next time I'm...
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    Bag Seed Grow - Flowering Week 3

    im starting a thread to cover the flowering period of my plant that is just starting to grow calyxes with hairs. The seeds that the plant came from is low grade. The grow box was made out of a small cabinet (3ft tall x 10inches wide x 1.2ft deep) with a four way cfl fixture ( 2 1800 lueman...
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    400W HPS - Granddaddypurple Grow

    This is my newest grow and my first ever online journal Strain= granddaddypurple Veg lights= 75w cfl (only using 50 at the moment) Bud lights= 400w hps It's in a 1/2 gallon pot with normal ace potting soil and it has a 30% perlite mix, also I put about 2 inches of perlite at the bottom of the...
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