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  1. Growingmaster

    Goliath & Fastbuds Auto Topping Grow

    Good day growers all welcome to my grow;) so the 2 plants are fastbuds autos.girl scout cookie and tangie matic.both plants sit in a 3 gal smart pot of biobizz lightmix.will sit cosy in a mylar tent 3x3 ft.light used is blackdiamond perfectsun goliath 1000.feed will be the advanced nutes and...
  2. H

    Organic Soil Mix Needed - March 1st Grow Date

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help for my first grow on an organic soil mix that is easy and highly effective. Simply want to set it up and just water till harvest. I am going to be starting in the next 8-10 days from seedling so if there is anything that doesn't...
  3. C

    Am I doing it right? Weed in alcohol

    does leaving weed in alcohol, infuse the alcohol with thc? i been doing researchand finding that people are saying i should heat the weed and vodka up together. but i have read before that just leaving the weed to sit in alcohol for a couple of week will infuse the alcohol with thc. the long...
  4. rillos

    Let's talk about DIY dwcr set-up's

    :420: Just finished my new dwcr system using 19 gal tub's. Each tub will have its own air pump and I made a chiller out of a dehumidifier that will sit in the res. There is also a pond pump that will feed from my res to my grow tub and back through the PVC pipe. I like to get some more idea's of...