1. Agemon

    Is it just me?

    Do you ever just sit there and stare at your plants? What are you doin? "I'm just sitting here watchin the weeds grow..." :bravo::welldone::drool::3::adore::pop2::wood::yummy::hmmmm::7::idea::woohoo::35::33:
  2. T

    My first indoor grow

    lights 300 watt mars hydro and a 300 ufo king plus my room i built is 30 x 44 6 feet tall i have four plants in there is that ok temp sitting around 75 . can i use 20 20 20 for the growing stage they are autos and i got 15 30 15 for flowering
  3. Alchemist420

    Uploaded Images sitting in Queue

    Anyone else having issue with uploading images and them sitting in the queue and never posting ??? I just sent a PM to the only Admin or Mod showing online. It is not computer or browser related. I went and signed on with a different computer and browser and could see the images I uploaded...