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    Are tall skinny starts bad?
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    Didn't pass home drug test at 21 days and I'm as skinny as a rail!

    My question is has anyone failed home tests at 21 days but been clean at 30 days? I don't have a drug test scheduled now but I have an interview Monday and I'm 99% sure she will hire me. Just like I was 100% sure I'd pass a dipstick test at 21 days
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    23 days until UA

    Hello, I'm new here and came to ask a question. I'm on diversion and I got popped with a UA and failed. It's a 12 panel drug test. Well. I have 23 days or so until I get another chance. I'm not sure if that's going to go against me or what, but my question is, is this enough time? I haven't ever...