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  1. 20190511_171540.jpg


    Sensi skunk was a freebie, now a month old female plant
  2. 20190423_190533.jpg


    I moved the skunk and tashkenti seedling to another room and put them under two 45 watt cfls on 18-6 timer
  3. 20190419_202428.jpg


    Sensi skunk fem baby
  4. 20190413_182545.jpg


    Sensi skunk seedling one week old
  5. NI1_1094 copy.JPG

    NI1_1094 copy.JPG

    Skunk @ 7 weeks
  6. NI1_1061edit.jpg


    Sisters! Skunk and Karolyn @ 6 weeks
  7. IMG_4464.JPG


    Skunk Day 77 8days into flower
  8. P

    Blueberry & Kush Skunk DWC Mother Grow!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum and this is my first grow journal I've posted online! Also I'm from Canada and BC if that holds any value here! Anyways I started these girls 3 weeks ago and I've been learning as I go but doing numerous amounts of research since this is my first DWC grow. I've...
  9. Tutankhamon up close

    Tutankhamon up close

    This plant produces a lot of buds
  10. Tutankhamon


    Amazing plant!
  11. Outoftime

    Tutankhamon By Pyramid Seeds

    I am enjoying growing this strain. Planted on May 8,2018 the seeds took off right away and become very tiny little fluorescent green plants. I named them Tut, Ankh and Amon. When they were only 2 inches tall I put a oscillating fan on them to toughen them up. On June 9,2018 I put them outside...
  12. Week 4 Day 7 (1).JPG

    Week 4 Day 7 (1).JPG

    Skunk Kush Week 4, Day 7 Veg
  13. NIK_9784sknksml.jpg


    Skunk Double Flower 91 days, 4 weeks into flower
  14. NIK_9776 Skunk.jpg

    NIK_9776 Skunk.jpg

    CK Skunk 91 days, 4 weeks into flower
  15. NIK_9748 copy.JPG

    NIK_9748 copy.JPG

    Skunk dual flower
  16. NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    NIK_9514 copy.JPG

    Stretched CK Original Skunk 50 days
  17. NIK_9492.JPG


    46 Days old, from left, CK Blueberry, CK Original Skunk, Kush from bag
  18. NIK_9468 copy.JPG

    NIK_9468 copy.JPG

    34 day olds Kush, Skunk, Blue Berry
  19. NIK_9435.JPG


    22 days old
  20. buzz62

    Growing Indoors In The Great White North: Blue Berry, Skunk, Kush

    Hello from Canada! Just started 3 varieties, 5 seeds each, two days ago in paper towels. I have reg Blueberry and reg Original Skunk from Crop King, and some kind of kush seeds that must have got away on the grower, so I an assuming these seeds will be either female or hermies? After one...
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