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  1. 6257F68B-210A-48A5-A79B-DF743D71649A.jpeg


    TePuke Thunder
  2. Special Queen #1 by RQS

    Special Queen #1 by RQS

    New mother plant
  3. Skunky Mama Training

    Skunky Mama Training

    reveg and training of Durban Skunk
  4. TK2 Left / Adulterated Swaz Right

    TK2 Left / Adulterated Swaz Right

  5. Skunky Mama

    Skunky Mama

    Reveg progress
  6. Swaz


  7. Skunky Mama = another view

    Skunky Mama = another view

    Durban Skunk
  8. Durban Skunk

    Durban Skunk

    There are Durban Poison notes in this Skunk, so I am revegging her.
  9. Skunky Mama reveg

    Skunky Mama reveg

    Durban Skunk. She has a musky flavour reminiscent of good cigars. She smokes smooth and makes high. Glad to have her on reveg and in training.
  10. Symphony Of Love & Creation

    Symphony Of Love & Creation

    The cosmic soup of life
  11. Eviction Notice

    Eviction Notice

    I gently moved these happy campers to another plant and off my Skunk reveg. No eggs for me thanks.
  12. CA8E500F-FF51-4D3F-9D66-0E3093BD0104.jpeg


    Earliest PoisonSkunk random cola
  13. BD70E671-881F-4255-8539-24E62D06D2B6.jpeg


    Earliest PoisonSkunk to flower and first plant harvested 2019
  14. 20190511_171540.jpg


    Sensi skunk was a freebie, now a month old female plant
  15. 20190423_190533.jpg


    I moved the skunk and tashkenti seedling to another room and put them under two 45 watt cfls on 18-6 timer
  16. 20190419_202428.jpg


    Sensi skunk fem baby
  17. 20190413_182545.jpg


    Sensi skunk seedling one week old
  18. NI1_1094 copy.JPG

    NI1_1094 copy.JPG

    Skunk @ 7 weeks
  19. NI1_1061edit.jpg


    Sisters! Skunk and Karolyn @ 6 weeks
  20. IMG_4464.JPG


    Skunk Day 77 8days into flower
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