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  1. Purplehaze02

    8 weeks flow: Hermies or Calyx?

    Hey you guys this is my indica dominant in 8th week of flowering... I'm happy with her and everything is going nice. But since few days i noticed this like curling little leafs reminds me like sack. It looks like flower to me because hairs are sticking out. but I'm not sure. It's full of...
  2. Dopeseed Skunk

    Dopeseed Skunk

    Blew Hiller Lazyass Summer Grow 2020
  3. Dopeseed Skunk

    Dopeseed Skunk

    Blew Hiller Lazyass Summer Grow 2020
  4. Dopeseed Skunk

    Dopeseed Skunk

    Blew Hiller Lazyass Summer Grow 2020
  5. GL5033

    Super Skunk - sensei seeds

    Did anyone grew this strain outdoor? i have couple of question's about it
  6. 6257F68B-210A-48A5-A79B-DF743D71649A.jpeg


    TePuke Thunder
  7. Special Queen #1 by RQS

    Special Queen #1 by RQS

    New mother plant
  8. Skunky Mama Training

    Skunky Mama Training

    reveg and training of Durban Skunk
  9. TK2 Left / Adulterated Swaz Right

    TK2 Left / Adulterated Swaz Right

  10. Skunky Mama

    Skunky Mama

    Reveg progress
  11. Swaz


  12. Skunky Mama = another view

    Skunky Mama = another view

    Durban Skunk
  13. Durban Skunk

    Durban Skunk

    There are Durban Poison notes in this Skunk, so I am revegging her.
  14. Skunky Mama reveg

    Skunky Mama reveg

    Durban Skunk. She has a musky flavour reminiscent of good cigars. She smokes smooth and makes high. Glad to have her on reveg and in training.
  15. Symphony Of Love & Creation

    Symphony Of Love & Creation

    The cosmic soup of life
  16. Eviction Notice

    Eviction Notice

    I gently moved these happy campers to another plant and off my Skunk reveg. No eggs for me thanks.
  17. CA8E500F-FF51-4D3F-9D66-0E3093BD0104.jpeg


    Earliest PoisonSkunk random cola
  18. BD70E671-881F-4255-8539-24E62D06D2B6.jpeg


    Earliest PoisonSkunk to flower and first plant harvested 2019
  19. 20190511_171540.jpg


    Sensi skunk was a freebie, now a month old female plant
  20. 20190423_190533.jpg


    I moved the skunk and tashkenti seedling to another room and put them under two 45 watt cfls on 18-6 timer
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