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skunk#1 auto

  1. S

    Help I am so confused - Auto Skunk not flowering

    I purchased some Skunk no.1 autos from Sensi seeds. Im growing in a small grow tent under a Marshydro 300 (150 watt) in a 27 cm pot. Right now its 42 day since the seed popped and she has grown pretty bushy. Ive messed up the nutrients and as a result she is burned and all yellow. I had PH...
  2. alantesla33

    AlanTesla33 - Indoor - GYO Skunk #1 Auto - 2017

    Germination - 4.14 in solo cup size Seedling - 4.16 Bucket Size - 5gallon Medium - 2pts Happy Frog to 1pt Ocean Forest Lights - Veg:400MH + 40(True) LED Flower: 600HPS + 200(True) LED(down for post harvest cleaning) Arsenal: Diatomaceous Earth - Deployed Bone Meal - Deployed Blood Meal...
  3. I

    Iceman420's Journal - Roots Galore White Walker Kush Skunk#1Auto Looking Great Day 21

    Hey Subbers and Everybody else! Day 21 from seed and these girls are looking gorgeous, they are really starting to fill out. Excited to see them grow so fast, fun to watch but hard to keep up with the LST. Have a good week! Happy tokin! CHECK OUT THESE ROOTS!!!!!! This is 1 picture of each of...
  4. I

    Hello all new growers! Pics! My Skunk#1, White Walker Kush, Northern Lights Grow

    Hey Everybody, Here are those updated pics, took them today, April 1. The White Walker is responding very well to the LST(low stress training), and the skunk #1 is a little smaller but also looking great. The northern lights auto is also coming along, just started to really veg. More pics of the...