1. K

    Grow room questions

    Hey all, I'm a first time grower still setting up his grow "room". I want to put one or two auto plants in my attic but I'm unsure about a couple of things (I looked around for info but nothing was very similar to my situation). With a 300w cfl bulb, would it be better to enclose them in a...
  2. H

    Abandoned Unique Grow - Guerilla's Gusto Indoor First Time Grow HID 600W MH/HPS - 2013

    Strain: Guerilla's Gusto non-feminized seeds Lighting: 600W MH and HPS with dimmable digital ballast, Wing reflector + some natural light from skylight, going for 24/0 in the beginning since skylight complicates dark cycle. May move to basement for flowering. Medium: No-name potting soil Pot...
  3. AscendedMasterKief

    Completed Ghetto RV Suspended Grow aka Asteidl's Hanging Garden

    Cannabis S v. bagseed In/Out: Indoors, suspended from skylight Room: Kitchen/Living Room/Bedroom/Office (it's an RV,lol) Medium: Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix Light: Gigantic self-sustaining nuclear fusionreactor in the sky Style: Ghetto RV Suspended Greenhouse (-ish) Ventilation...
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