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  1. Ron Strider

    What 3 Marijuana Heavyweights Are Doing To Become The P&G Of Pot

    As the legal marijuana business starts to professionalize, players are emerging who say they want to create multinational franchises and empires, in effect, building the Starbucks or McDonald's of ganja. Billy Levy and his partners have other plans. "We'd rather be like the P&G," said...
  2. Ron Strider

    The 1,200 Names Of Marijuana

    OK, time for a short quiz. Please list all the names for marijuana that you can think of... Time's up. If you listed 1,200, go to the head of the class. That's how many British slang lexicographer (aka dictionary guy) Jonathon Green has collected so far. In addition to being an...
  3. F

    Slang and Grammar

    I've already introduced myself. I would, however, like to tell you about my views/feelings on Facebook and messaging slang. I have called people 'stupid stoners' for posting outrageous dares (ie 'Tag a friend who could smoke all this in a day'), improper grammar and ridiculous slang (ie 'my bae...