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  1. lowcloseup.jpg


    Closer view of lower growth
  2. lowergrowth.jpg


    Yellowing outer edges inward. These are bottom growth
  3. dullanddusty.jpg


    Dull leaves...look dusty
  4. leaftaco.jpg


    Taco'ing a bit?
  5. applegate

    UVB - No trichomes on SLH

    Long story short - I cut and cultivated clones too early as I didn't know I'd be flowering my Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds) for 13 weeks. I simply didn't have room for them and didn't have the heart to toss them so I planted them in 5 gallon buckets and set them in an unheated greenhouse...
  6. A

    Advice please?

    Ok so I've got 5 plants here 4x super lemon haze (from seed) and 1x pure critical auto, the 4 SLH are at 8 weeks flowering today, the pure critical started flowering around 2 weeks before the SLH so they're approx at 10 weeks flowering, my problem is mainly on 2 of the SLH , extremely slow resin...
  7. C

    Lemon Haze 10 Weeks 5 Days

    Sup Peeps Just a few Questions, I am In two minds on about starting the 7 - 10 day flush I am currently at 10 weeks 5 days flower with my SLH and The main colas hairs are still white as hell and as this is my first grow im not to sure what to do, If i should start my flush now or what? I...
  8. drcannabi

    Super Lemon Haze - Organic Soil - Stealth Cabinet Grow

    I'm just getting back on line after my computer died. This is my third grow journal and my 6th grow. I've learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. The style in which I grow has now successfully brought me through the end of two trouble free grows of A++ Medicine. Super simple and easy once I...
  9. V

    Almost there!

    Hi everyone. I've posted a few other threads for the support of my first grow and and i just have a few questions left. Icemud had led me to the direction of LED lights and after doing research I want to use the Mars ii led 900w for a 4x4 tent. My question is, how many SLH plants I can grow with...
  10. T

    SLH 4th Week of flowering Have some questions

    Just wanted some feedback on this plants flowering look Its a super lemon haze. From what I have read this is a 9-10 week flowering strain. Does it look on track? How much more can I expect it to grow? How much can I expect for a yield. Any comments on my feeding regime below? Details...
  11. B

    BigxBare's 4 Plant R-DWC Scrog - SLH & Pineapple Chunk

    Hey everyone, seeds made it, should be here in a couple days. As long as they arrive before or on 4/20 that's when I'll be starting them, just for good luck. Grow Room: 4.3'x3' room painted flat white. 600w MH in AC Reflector (switching to HPS when flowering) 4 5 Gallon buckets hooked up...
  12. J

    Michigan MM - Super Lemon Haze - From Seed

    Here are (5) Seeds of Super Lemon Haze. They have been used on fine grit sand paper (approx. 1 soft swipe around the whole outside) They have been germinated overnight in paper towel. Not to wet to cause rot/mold, but not wet long enough for this to happen anyway. Most say to let sit in...
  13. T

    SLH & Pineapple Express

    Round 2 Grow Journal Veg Info What strain is it? (3) Green House Seeds - Super Lemon Haze (3) G13 Labs - Pineapple Express Genetics: (SLH) Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze THC Level: (SLH) 22.9% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? (SLH) 3 weeks total...
  14. crazy horse

    G-13 Gigabud & SLH Journal-Crazy Horse

    :welcome: G-13 LABS- 'GIGABUD' FEMINIZED Variety: Indica / Sativa Mix Harvest Date: September/October Flowering Period: 5-6 weeks THC Content: 15% Yield: HIGH Characteristics: MONSTER BUDS G13 Labs Gigabud has compact monster buds covered with fat, thick resin. Gigabud is...
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