1. Nutria

    Can't get rid of root rot & slime - Superthrive?

    Hello growers! I have germinated 4 Seeds and put em in a 4 gal dwc bucket to grow a bit before going into the definitive system. I keep facing root rot and since also some slime. It is a white bucket but I made it lightproof with black tape and then another layer of American tape (duct...
  2. Justones

    Slime on buds? This is crazy

    This morning I found some slime on a developing bud. I didn't know what it was. I used some water to wash & wipe it away. Looked like someone hocked up some flem & spit in it oddly enough. This evening I noticed that same slime on a marigold nearby. Alot of it. I got to poking around & found a...
  3. K

    Clear snot mucus crap on my root?

    Aaaa....have u seen ghost busters? U remember the green slime guy.....why is he on my roots...and getting root rot?..... The slime is clear to white in pics....this is a problem I had in the past.....but anybody ever experienced this? Any remidies.....I tried h202 but it couldn't...
  4. W

    Should have more roots?

    My plants are about 2 months old. Last week I transplanted from soil into air injected ( soil/hydro). I do not have circulating water...just bubbled air. The plants were doing fine except one which looked like it was dying. Took a look at her today and found and smelled slime. I don't...
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