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slow growth

  1. C

    Slow Growth In Coco Coir Outdoors & Leaves Curling?

    I've grown before in coco coir indoors, but now trying outdoors. Unfortunately it's been trickier than before. I've had a few seedlings die on me from dampening off and the 3 remaining seem to be having issues. It seems to me I am experiencing slow growth and leaves refusing to truly open. I am...
  2. hazeluv69

    Slow growth spider mite issue

    Found out I have spider mites on my cuttings around 5 days ago only got em 7 days ago, sprayed em down, done a Hoover over em, spray with some neem soapy water, I am going to keep spraying with neem every 5-7 days, my questions is just are my plants supposed to be growing slow as fuck now! Pics...
  3. M

    1st Coco attempt 1x1m tent: very slow and brown tips

    Hi - this is my 2nd ever grow. I got some great advice on this forum that has seen 4 photo's in organic soil under SF4000 LED through to harvest this week and they look and smell amazing... so now I'm trying perpetual harvest cycle with two tents and started a 1x1m veg tent with coco coir in the...
  4. Km021

    Auto seedling issue please help my lady

    Hey guys Hope you all doing fine Actually i have a issue with my WW auto With slow growth and recently its young leaves are getting burn and kind of bending from middle of it. Could somebody help me to save my lil WW auto? Ph of watering : 6.5 Ph of my soil tested : 6.4 Medium ...
  5. Slowed growth

    Slowed growth

    The quadline is slowing its growth, i bet its also on its way to a nitrogen def.
  6. dkparker

    Thoughts On A Very Young Plant With Slow Growth

    Thanks to anyone to muddles through this to give me any insight or advice. Sorry for the lengthiness... SOIL GROW Strain - Indica Dwarf Low Flyer Auto (70 Indica, 20 Sativa, 10 Ruderalis) # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Seedling/Vegetative Bucket Size - Starting in 4" pot (10cm)...
  7. A

    Plant not Growing!

  8. C

    Help Please: Weird New Growth

    I’m a new grower growing some Master Kush from Nirvana Seeds. My plant is 5 weeks in veg, 28 celsius, with 50 humidity. I’m growing with fox farm nutrients in a 2x4 tent. I have a Mars Hydro 1000w led. I just noticed on my plants the new growth looks shriveled up. Anybody have any idea why? I’m...
  9. T

    Slow growth and problem with leaves

    Auto dank purple mostly Indica Day 18 from seed (directly to pot) Indoor Living soil Smart pot 7 Gallon 240W quantum board Day tem 32C (90F) Night tem 27C (80F) RH 50% - 60% water every 3 days How to i recover her?
  10. M

    Slow seedling growth: Help

    First time growing. Germination was quick. Originally, my plant seemed to be growing fine. Early on, I began noticing a slight yellow color appearing on my initial fan leaves. I Ignorantly decided to add fish fertilizer (4-1-1). Initially this brought back a greener look however it began to...
  11. F

    Please Help, Stopped Growing

    Hi all 420Growers, I am new at growing beautiful ladies, I am growing in coco coir with perlite, using GH trio and Calci-mag nutes and running a 450w LED grow light, I did just have Nitrogen toxicity and now am flushing on just 6.0PH water to get life back into her and she has taken well, but...
  12. misfits666

    Hello to all of you fantastic growers: slow growth?

    this seedling are on their 12 days today.. is normal on 12 day they have size like that? or they're suffer for slow growth? i think i already give her proper lighting..
  13. C

    Beginning 3rd week flowers and still no buds: Hydroponics

    Hi guys. I'm new to the forums and i am here to ask your opinion on a problem im having with my hydro grow. First of all this is my second hydro grow, im using a modified aquafarm by ghe, running as a dwc. My lamp is a 600w hps, strain is king Kong. And my temps humidity and light and nute...
  14. W

    Slow grow - Thick stems - Many leaves

    Hi, Strain: Barneys Blue Cheese Autoflower Mediun: soil, coco, perlite, peat, pebble Vessel: Smart pot Fert: Greenhouse powderfeeding grow + phed tap water (stood 2 weeks before usage) Light: 3w white leds, total 144 watts (car led bar lights experiment) Light distance: 50 cm As plant...
  15. T

    Need help for slow growth

    I would like to know your ideas and advice for my first indoor experience because i guess i have been missing some parts that's why the process going so slow; I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL...
  16. W

    Barney's Blue Cheese light green color leaves and slow growth problem

    Hi Everyone, This is one of my first grows. Seed: Barneys Blue Cheese auto flower. Medium: Soil + Perlite. Time since germination: 5 weeks Nutrient: Used 2 liters of Greenhouse Superfeeding Grow with 0.750 gr nutrient per liter of water. Light: Yellow 80W and Daylight LED 100W 20x4 hrs The...
  17. A

    Slow Growing

    Hello all. Just wanted to start out by saying this place is awesome. I have been reading tons of great info. Thank you :) I did have a question. I got 5 diff strains from CK seeds. I read all the time how good their product is but I seem to have nothing but problems. I am almost sure this is...
  18. G

    Northern Lights Auto not growing good

    I got a Northern Lights Auto next to my window with 2 50watt lights, it's been a bit over a week now and it's still not really growing. Just recently it popped out a little green sprout with 2 very small leafs. I got 2 other Northen Lights growing at a friends place and they've grown like 5...
  19. N

    My stem was knuckled at two weeks old

    I obviously am a new grower so I made some mistakes but my soil is happy frog with added rabbit turds and perilite and started from bagseed . My first pot was too big so I switched a week ago into something smaller so the roots would maybe grow less and the plant more. But...
  20. Z

    Expert Opinion Required - DWC - Grand Heft Auto

    Dear Fellow Growers. I hope you all are well. Once again, im here to ask for help to identify and solve my current problem. Im hoping you can shed some light (lame pun intended) on my current grow. Which happens to be my FIRST Grow... so please be patient with this NOOB!.... hmm...
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