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  1. M

    1st Coco attempt 1x1m tent: very slow and brown tips

    Hi - this is my 2nd ever grow. I got some great advice on this forum that has seen 4 photo's in organic soil under SF4000 LED through to harvest this week and they look and smell amazing... so now I'm trying perpetual harvest cycle with two tents and started a 1x1m veg tent with coco coir in the...
  2. M

    Slow seedling growth: Help

    First time growing. Germination was quick. Originally, my plant seemed to be growing fine. Early on, I began noticing a slight yellow color appearing on my initial fan leaves. I Ignorantly decided to add fish fertilizer (4-1-1). Initially this brought back a greener look however it began to...
  3. R

    Please help: Switched to LEDs, slow growth, no budding!

    Hi guys, I’m quite desperate right now so let me skip to the point (at the bottom you’ll find tl;dr) Setup and performance until now Seasoned indoor grower (~ 6 years) Setup: 8x4 (240x120 cm) grow tent Lighting: 2x 600w HID (Lumatek, Adjust-a-Wings reflectors) Method: SCROG Strain: Dinafems’...
  4. C

    Beginning 3rd week flowers and still no buds: Hydroponics

    Hi guys. I'm new to the forums and i am here to ask your opinion on a problem im having with my hydro grow. First of all this is my second hydro grow, im using a modified aquafarm by ghe, running as a dwc. My lamp is a 600w hps, strain is king Kong. And my temps humidity and light and nute...
  5. Liam5677

    Why is my seedling acting like this?

    Hello everybody, this will be my first post to this forum. This is also the first plant I have ever grown. I’m sure I will not be able to post all the important information You need to answer my questions, but I will try to do my best. I grew the seedling about seven days ago I germinated it...
  6. W

    Slow grow - Thick stems - Many leaves

    Hi, Strain: Barneys Blue Cheese Autoflower Mediun: soil, coco, perlite, peat, pebble Vessel: Smart pot Fert: Greenhouse powderfeeding grow + phed tap water (stood 2 weeks before usage) Light: 3w white leds, total 144 watts (car led bar lights experiment) Light distance: 50 cm As plant...
  7. C

    1 week old - Slow growth?

    medium: coco/perlite 2/3 1/3 nutrient: 1/4 maxibloom (lucas formula) ph water: 5.8 When the soil is wet i dont feed. One of the plants i sliced the leaf cause the seed was stuck... What do you think? The growth is very very slow.
  8. D

    Slow seedling growth

    Is it normal for seedlings to have slow growth while they establish thier root system?
  9. Tsar Bomba

    First time grower looking for guidance

    Wondering what people's thoughts are on the looks of this canopy. Started from seed in June and went through a slow growth phase due to topping. However she finally bounced back and i couldn't be happier.
  10. H

    First Grow

    Hi All, This is my first attempt to grow cannabis for my wife's migraine as that's the only way we have been able to succefully keep the attacks in control. Would love feedback from frens in the forum about my grow. Started slow and easy with 2 Dinafem auto seeds - Mobydick xxl and...
  11. H

    Plants are growing slow and starting to turn yellow

    this is my first time growing so I don't know what to expect my plants are now a month old and are still small and now starting to turn yellow and just grow very slow I have 2 100w 6400k cfl bulbs on them about 6 inch away from plants I water almost daily to keep the soil damp can anyone give me...
  12. G

    Will high humidity slow plant growth?

    Hello folks, I was wandering if high humidity will slow veg growth? RH is in the high 70's. Please dispense w/ advice to incorporate a dehumidifier. I'm just wanting to know if high humidity will slow veg growth. Thanks for reading. :thumb:
  13. J

    Day 20 SnowBud - Too small? Slow growth?

    Hi all, I've been reading all your contributions for months now and finally decided to sign-up. I've started growing a SnowBud on my balcony since about 20 days. It's looking healthy but doesn't grow as fast as I've hoped, do you think something is wrong after 20 days? I'll try to add a link...
  14. C

    Help slow seedling growth

    Hi! I am a first time grower and am currently growing 3 ak-47 auto flowering plants outdoors. They are at seven days in the soil now and they are still on their first set of true leaves and the first set isn't even very big. Is this rate normal for outdoors? It seems fairly slow is there...
  15. Man'O'Green

    Man'O'Green's First Grow In The New Room

    I started the seeds on March 9th and everyone was up by the 16th I started with 2 each of Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto, Green Crack Auto and Zambeza's Blueberry Auto. One of the GSC was very slow to start and one of the Blueberries did not survive so I replaced it with a Cream of the...
  16. 4

    Slow growth - Does it actually matter?

    What I'd like to know is does slow growth affect quality/yield? Or does it simply mean you'll have to wait longer and spend more money on electric bills?
  17. C

    Slow start on flowering help

    May have a problem. I switched the light cycle back on my OG Kush to 12/12 almost 3 weeks ago and don't seem to be doing much flowering and getting a super slow start. This is my first indoor grow on a regular Fem plant. Mainly been messin with Autmost starting out, but have grown regular...
  18. L

    Slow & curly Bubba Kush

    Hi. New to the forum and to growing this particular crop, though I am an old hand in the garden and have been doing my own indoor starts from seed and cuttings for years. I am growing in a deep water bubbler, which is also new to me. I'll add the details and a photo below. Or at least I'll...
  19. O

    Slow Veg Growth

    So, I am on run number 3 inside. First was a photo plant, second was autos and now another photo. Both photo runs have had slow veg growth. I am on week 6 from seed and still have a 1 foot tall plant!!! Granted she has been topped and now has several more tops but she is still small in stature...
  20. unforgiven

    Gorilla Seeds

    awesome!! got my gear yesterday. feel like saying finally, but it is of no issue to them. the post is slow as normal all the way from uk to canuckistan. very nice packet indeed!! thanks again sherry. :thanks:
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