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    Beginner Grow Auto Blue Amnesia

    Hey guys! I decided i wanted to do a small grow for a bit of personal so went with these autos without really reading into them and from what i’ve read they aren’t the best but oh well! 80x80x160cm tent. 250w MH/HPS Canna Terra Professional Plus soil. Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice...
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    Short long cabinet - How to utilize the space

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has some tips for working in a short area, its about 2.6' high, 2.8 with the bottom cut 2 feet wide and 7 feet long. Wondering how best to utilize the space, thinking I should do a kinda tray like setup they got on lettuce farms, just wondering things to be...
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    How to quicken plant growth

    Hello all I started my first indoor grow op almost a month ago, and have been annoyed by how slow the plant is growing. I realise growing is a patient sport, however, I cannot help but think that my plant could be growing a hell of a lot faster. Especially since in my outdoor grow, I forgot...
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    Auto femenized Setup: 250W HPS small closet - auto Somango Widow & auto Blueberry

    Hi guys, Hope everything is doing well with all! Im posting to show my setup and share with others: I have 2 plants with 0,50 cm with 44 days. |auto Somango Widow| Génétique: Somango Rendement: 350 - 400 g THC: 15% Intérieur: 60 - 90 cm Extérieur: 90 - 120 cm Floraison: 60 jours...
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