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  1. dracularsdog

    First thread - Nitrogen toxicity and the effects it has on my grow

    hello fellow growers/enthsiasts. This is my first post on 420 and im going to cover nitrogen toxicity, and the effects it has had on my grow. I have been growing using waterfarms for a couple of years now with complete trouble free success, untill this grow. Over confidence and an urge to push...
  2. JackRedins

    Candy Cane Auto - Newby To Indoor

    Ok time to take the plunge. After sticking to outdoor grows since '76 I figured I'd try a tiny indoor op. Light one fixture, adjustable ballast 250w MH for veg 400w HPS for flower I want 4 plants so I germinated 5 seeds according to crop king seeds directions. They guarantee an 80% success...
  3. P

    Abandoned PierceStoned's LED Soil Chocolate Cookies Perpetual Grow

    Howdy Y'all!!! It is really good to finally be able to start journaling my small time perpetual grow. I have already learned so much, and I look forward to having a few more people on board as I continue with my quest to grow my own medicine. Lets get to it! Strain: Germinated three feminised...
  4. U

    How many plants could I have with my 900w LED?

    I will be growing in a 80 x 80 x 160cm space, how many plants can I grow would you say I would like. Also, what would be recommended, auto flower or photoperiod? I am aiming for roughly an ounce or two per plant. Thank you.
  5. J

    Bonsai! Want to grow tiny plant in a planter with herbs

    Hi team, Never grown before but I have a planter on my balcony with basil/cilantro that I'd like to tuck a little plant into and maybe try to "bonsai" it or keep it small to blend in with the other plants. I'm thinking of starting with these: Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Dwarf Low Flyer...
  6. cbdstealth

    Completed Cbdstealth - Soil - CBD Critical Mass - Small Grow - Jan 2017

    The details: - 1 x CBD Critical Mass- - Approx. 3 gallon pot 11"x13" x 5" height "Rubbermaid dishpan" - "Grow box" is 67L Rubbermaid storage container, approx 12"x16" x 14" height - Miracle Gro African Violet potting soil - 2x micro mini CFL, 1450 lumens @ 6500k moving up to 4 bulbs when...
  7. E

    Abandoned First Time Grow - Budget CFL Setup

    Hi guys, so this is my first time here, and anywhere on any forums like this, not sure if I'm posting this in the right area but yeah, here goes.. So I have two "mates" who both are growers, and I somehow ended up being the middle-man in an exchange of clones between the two. He asked for 10...
  8. S

    Completed First Grow - Random Seeds - CFL

    I decided it was time to finally stop, or at least slow the rate, of paying for bud so I grabbed 5 random seeds from my bag seed collection and germinated them mid-November (paper towel method). Plants: random bag seed from my collection Light: 125 watt 6500k CFL in a Fluorowing by Hydrofarm...
  9. Phsyll88

    Abandoned First Time Small Coco Grow - 4 Plant Mixed Strains Scrog

    Hi, new to the site. First time grower. Looking for any tips or suggestions. What strain is it? 2 barneys amnesia lemon, 1 pineapple chunk, headband, gigabud. Feminized except the headband that was a colorado bag seed. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Gigabud, pineapple chunk and 1 amnesia...
  10. I

    Led lighting

    Hi I'm thinking bout using LED lighting for my next grow which will be only 3 or 4 auto flowering low riders. I'm looking for advice on how many of theses will I need ? Thanks Happy 420:420:
  11. L

    Help first grow sick plants shiny gold smudges on leaves

    I made my first grow room in my closet its inside of a aquarium that I turned on its side so that I can use the slide top as a door its all covered in foil inside I didn't have the money to buy my own reflective material the plants seem to be doing fine I only have two plants one of them has...
  12. M

    One bud at a time harvest

    I have heard that you can harvest individual or groups of buds when they are ripe, leaving the other to ripen. As I have a small crop it would seem to be the way to get the most from my harvest. Has anyone done this? How do you harvest and cause the least damage or set back to the plant...
  13. O

    Has anyone tried an automotive cabin filter for odor control of small grow?

    I have a small cabinet grow 13" x 36"x 60" 1 plant. I am using a 5 inch pc fan for exhaust and 3 inch pc fan for intake. I am considering mounting a activated carbon car cabin filter just inside my exhaust fan with an inch or two of plenum space. Thoughts on effectiveness or problems... Thanks!
  14. M

    First Time Grower

    Hey all! I've recently been looking into starting my first ever grow. A close friend of mine has started his grow already and seems to know what he is doing. I'm thinking about doing CFL Closet grow or just a small CFL grow, nothing too industrial. I need a good website to start ordering my...
  15. SexyPistils

    Completed Newbie Grow of Reg

    Hey 420! just wanted to start a journal here.... please feel free to give me feedback CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and all opinions are welcomed. this is my first time growing :cheer2: and im actually not much of a smoker but due to constant migraines and other ailments i've decided to grow my own...
  16. J

    Abandoned Brand New First Indoor DWC Hydro Grow Box!

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting to this site and also my first time growing. I will be using a stealth indoor grow box... DWC/HYDRO 3 STRONG CFLS small intake/exhaust fans. Heres the box then the seeds... I have decided to plant and try: bcn...
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