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  1. I

    Bag Seed Grow - Science!

    Long story short: -Bought a dime of good smoke, and sprouted 3 seeds. -Plants grew to 3 inches, looked like weed - two months. -The started to wither and the 1/2in leaves started to yellow until I hit them with some Fertilizer water I had left over from my diesel watering. Only...
  2. G

    My first time growing and here is my setup but a couple questions

    Hello all. This is my first time growing and my first post to the site. I am using feminized autoflower seeds and using this hydro set up with the LED light that hangs above the base unit. I've watched a decent amount of videos and have written down my own simple instructions to grow. Tell me if...
  3. S

    Need help fast

    Hi every one my plant in (coco coir+ perlite ) when i see that happening i give him just pure water and shes gooin to die fast... Help me tell me what i do
  4. C

    What was your smallest finishing plants and yield

    Hi all im currently on my first grow + journal using leds and im growing 3 seedsman white widow and 2 advanced critical from seed in soil. My plants are looking like they are finished stretch ( 2.5 weeks 12/12) and the finishing height looks like 1ft. I know they will not produce massive yields...
  5. K

    Weird issue

    I had started growing last year and never had this issue, but my seeds germinated fine, placed them in a solo cup of foxfarms soil and they sprouted soooo tiny and stopped growing? They are auto-flowers from tssc. They are about 8 months old but they Germmed just right. Any thoughts? Peace...
  6. B

    1st Grow - Day 15 and plants seem small?

    This is my first time attempting an indoor grow and need a little input. All are 15 days old except 1 that is only 11 days old. All were started from a feminized seed. Pro4 Soilless mix, 6.0ph, temp: 73-78, t5 ho 6500k, watering every 2-3 days, plants are kept 2"-4" from light. Mostly in 6"...
  7. V

    Accidentally spilled lemon juice over leaf

    HI! I accidentally spilled some lemon juice over mi Santa Muerte (blimburn) seedling :sorry:, fortunately just one leaf was affected: So, should I cut off that leaf? or maybe the brown portion? Also, she is 23 days old and I'm growing her outdoors.. Isn't she too small for her age? Some...
  8. G

    Light for very small plant

    Hi! I'm new around here, and I'm finally planing to plant about 1 plant for indoor. It's just for fun. I'm planning to plant auto AK (it's a small plant and it flowers quickly), and i'm planning to plant it in my old wardrobe. My only problem is, that i don't know what light to use? What kind...
  9. Tatva-2

    Tiny Tiny ruderalis

    Here is a ruderalis I am growing in a small light box using a 50w fluorescent bulb. Cute huh? There might be enough to get me high for a month once its finished. I'm not going to be the local dealer, but still ... -you gotta love her for trying. This is my smallest to date. I just...
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