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  1. IMG_20180307_192811_Day51.jpg


    TTKLaus Microgrow Day51
  2. IMG_20180307_192804_Day51.jpg


    TTKLaus Microgrow Day51
  3. IMG_20180307_192740_Day51.jpg


    TTKLaus Microgrow Day51
  4. IMG_20180225_130226_day41.jpg


    Day41 After Trim TTKlaus Cuttings
  5. IMG_20180225_130206_day41.jpg


    Day41 After Trim TTKlaus
  6. IMG_20180225_130156_day41.jpg


    Day41 TTKlaus after trim
  7. IMG_20180225_114510_day41.jpg


    Day41 TTKlaus Microgrow
  8. IMG_20180225_114506_day41.jpg


    Day41 TTKlaus Microgrow
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    1st Indoor Grow - 4 x Vero 29

    Lemon x Skunk 2.5ft x 2.5ft x plenty of height 2 x Vero 29 Gen 6 3000k 1.4A Veg + flower 2 x Vero 29 Gen 6 4000k 1.4A Flower 1 x Big bag of Organic soil with worm casting / lime & perlite FIRST 2 weeks plain water + ph down that came with ph meter (4.0ph powder mixed into the water until...
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    Ventilation Setup for ~70 CFM Requirement

    I'm in the process of setting up a proper ventilation system for my 2.3'x2.3'x5.3' tent. The most important criteria for me is sound (silent is ideal), and accurate air volume flow. Light: Mars Reflector-96 Reading other posts, i found that i have a ~70 CFM requirement (additional 1.25 -...