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  1. GL5033

    Second Outdoor grow

    Seeds: I really dont know i live in a temperate climate, if you could recommend me fast seeds from SEED to harvest Less than 80days would be awsome. Nuts: Biobizz outdoor starter pack Soil: biobizz all-mix What i should else get for outdoor if you have any recommendations for me that would be...
  2. J

    Yo yo yo, auto Northern Light, small buds? Long left?

    Hi guys and gals, this is my first grow in a very very long time and just need some re-assurance. its 8 weeks and 5 days old. I feel like the buds are not filling out and just wanted to opinions from the knowledgeable peeps on here. how long do you estimate is left? are the buds actually...
  3. C

    Small buds under 300W LED light

    Hello once again. As always, I have mixed feelings while turning for help to you. Don't get me wrong though :) I'm happy cause I know I'm gonna get help with my issue(from people who might have struggled like me, and now they're here to "serve" with wisdom) . But I'm also concerned. Alright...
  4. CharlieG

    Tiny plant 18 days old what am I doing wrong?

    So I planted this seed about 5 weeks after I started my original two seeds. This is three weeks of growth and she has very slowly popped out of the soil and is currently at this stage Not very impressive for three weeks old I think you will agree. I should note that she has been like this for...
  5. IMG_20180301_100506_day46.jpg


    Ttklaus microgrow
  6. G

    Grnwzrd's Ongoing Northern Lights Small Setup - T5's & CMH

    As the title suggests i'm running a couple of t5's in a small cupboard for vegging and cuttings and running the lec/cmh 315w in the flower cupboard. I'm using an organic soil mixed with coco. The fertilisers are yates vegetable fertiliser (one for grow one for flower) with some organic bat...
  7. T

    New guy - Total novice - 1st grow

    Hi everyone, Klaus here from NM. Just got my medical use and personal production license. I thought the Cannabis movement to be awesome and wanted to participate in it. I really don't know what I'm doing, but have friends that do. I just harvested my very first crop. 5 micro plants with my...
  8. K

    Regular household LED bulbs or CFL for small veg area?

    I'm thinking of finally building a small veg area (up to 4 small plants). Has anyone had any luck with regular LED bulbs and if so what color temps? The other two possibilities I'm thinking of are CFL or maybe a t5 florescent fixture. Thanks!
  9. I

    My First Ever Grow & Grow Journal - AK47 Feminized

    Hi guys, I never thought I would be here. After looking at a grow journal I decided to get into the game and post my process. I barely smoked till i was 37 and now that its legal and I do not drive I started smoking more. Unfortunately, good stuff is expensive thus I decided to grow my own...
  10. O

    Trichome Viewing?

    Hi. I was wondering what magnification I need to view trichome colour easily without going overboard? Is there an easy solution for this? I bought a small microscope type thing that has 60x magnification and it is too hard to focus ( old eyes? ).
  11. R

    Plants are too small what could have happened

    My plants have been in my system since September and they are not 3 ft tall really small what may be happening. Help pls first timer.
  12. M

    First time growing in 40 years

    Hey everybody, Grew a few plants in my apartment a long time ago. Got (justifiably) paranoid and ended the grow after a few weeks. Recently I moved to Oregon where it's legal! :-) So my gf (non-user) said I could grow a few plants and I opted to do a very small indoor grow and bought a little...
  13. G

    New guy - New setup - 1st problem?

    Hello to all. I've taken the plunge and started with a very small setup and my goal is simple....become self sufficient with some righteous smoke. So far all is going well with this one small exception. I transplanted to 7 gallon fabric pots 2 days ago and am starting to see little spots of...
  14. Unas369

    CFL - Soil - Bag Seed - Unas's Mini Box Grow - 2018

    Hello, and welcome to my grow journal. I believe you will enjoy this one since you don't see too many "poor man's" grows here :). I mean, when is the last time you saw a CFL, bag seed grow? Obviously, all comments (critique, advice, thoughts) are more than welcome. Setup: Grow box: H 45 x...
  15. Oldbear

    Happy Cannabis Day 2018? - Really? I'm Worried

    I'll tell you why. Its all being set up as supply monopolies to big corporations approved by government. Retail is through provincially licensed stores - only. It could be that the only legal source of seeds or plants is through the corporations. The enforcement of these monopolies might...
  16. G

    Should my plants be taller? Remove spotted leaves? Week 4 update - First grow

    SOIL GROW Strain - Hybrid Cinderella XX # of Plants - 9.5 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative week 4 from sprouting through soil Bucket Size - 3 - Gallon Lights - (1) LED Spydrx Plus Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Perlite Vermiculite Coco not sure ratios PPM - 1000 PH - around...
  17. U

    Growing At Altitude From Nu-B

    Just started very small, 2 seed grow. One seed was twins, so have 3 plants going. I'm @ a 6000 ft altitude in the So-Cal mountains, USA. Inside grow, so cold weather not much of a factor. Went with some Afghani reg seeds and they seem to be doing very well. At what point should I trim of the...
  18. Ron Strider

    PA: The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Decriminalization

    Less than 10 miles cost Marlena McConnell a night in jail and possible extradition back to Pennsylvania from her home in Mobile, Alabama. McConnell, who was 22 at the time, was traveling south on Interstate 81 in Franklin County late one night in October when she pulled onto the shoulder of...
  19. Ron Strider

    CA: Lawmakers, Pot Growers Say Marijuana Cultivation Rules Favor Big Corporate Farms

    California's new rules allowing marijuana cultivation favor large corporate farms despite a promise in Proposition 64 that small growers would be protected, according to a group of state lawmakers and marijuana industry leaders who called Monday for the policy to be changed. The California...
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