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  1. WeedyMcWeedWeed

    Weedy's 2020 Outdoor Grow

    Been a while decided to drop back in for my fun this season. Building a 24x32 fenced in area for 12 outdoor plants. Strains are 4 larry og 3 blue og 2 adams og 3 lava cake 4 will be in 100 gal smart pots. The rest 30 gal. Plants will be going out next week
  2. captainhowdy

    Captain Howdy's LED, Soil, Gelato & Bagseed 2019-2020

    Hello and welcome to my grow journal! Feel free to post any questions or comments! All comments are welcome but please be respectful! Strain: Gelato and Bagseeds (regular) Indica, Sativa or Hybrid: Gelato is sativa leaning hybrid. Veg or Flower stage: Veg How long: 3rd week Indoor or...
  3. 4

    Super Late Start On The Journal But I Just Needed To Share

    So this year I started with two Green Crack seeds and two In The Pines for weed I bought from dispensaries around me. I mixed organic soil for all four 20 gal pots. I started them on April 1st indoor inverter under 2000w of led lighting then moved them outdoors on May 5th. Then at four nodes I...
  4. InTheShed

    First Grow: Outdoor Autoflower Blueberry & AK-47 In Pots With Dr. Earth Soil

    Greetings! After all the research I've done (and a lot of it on this site), I thought I'd create a grow journal as I've gotten much info out of others' experiences. I'm currently growing two autoflower strains from ILGM: Blueberry (advertised specs: 15/85 indica dominant, ~14%THC, ~32" tall, 55...
  5. S

    Crop King's White Widow - Coco Coir - LED

    Hows it going? This is my first time posting any kind of grow journal. I've ordered crop kings seeds a few times and, so far very happy. These young feminized white widows popped up after 12 hours soaked in glass of well water, then four days under moist coco. I plant my seeds in the final...
  6. HighlandBowl

    Highland's - Indoor - Soil - 2016

    Hi, let's grow some trees. Strains: (2) "Shave Ice" by Cannarado Genetics (Sunset Sherbert X Cookie Crisp) Strains: (3) "ThugsBreath" by Thug Pug Genetics (Thugpug OG X Mendobreath) Stage: VEG: Started 9/22/16 - Still on 24/0 Dirt: Fox Farm Happy Frog mixed 50/50 with Fox Farm Ocean...
  7. Blazer420

    I think I'm done with Smart Pots

    Let me start off by saying that I think that Smart Pots and their ilk are a good idea and certainly have their place. I think I have been using them for 3 years now and they have served me well - most of the time. Like many things, they have their pros and cons. I think they are great for...
  8. Aaron Quix

    Quix Goes Smart Pots & Dirty Coco - Slee Skunk & Chemmy Jones

    Welcome to grow #4 Strain: SleeSkunk and Chemmy Jones Medium: 2 gallon Smart Pots with 50/50 Fox Farms Ocean Forrest and Royal Gold Basement Mix Light: 600 watt dimable Digital Greenhouse ballast with max wing, and CFL. Half the flower room will be just CFL, and half will be just HPS...
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