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  1. Ron Strider

    How Smart Weed Could Make Pot The Go-To Painkiller

    Making it easier to calibrate the correct dose of medical marijuana may prompt more physicians to prescribe it as an alternative to painkillers such as opioids, according to one Canadian company. Toronto-based Resolve Digital Health has developed a smart inhaler into which patients insert a...
  2. GodOfPot

    My first grow!

    Hey all, new to the forums and first time grower! Been wanting to grow for over 20 years, wife gave me the go ahead finally :) Still a few things I'm undecided on for now so will be looking for some advice here and there Tent is a 4x4x6.5 (not sure of brand, was the only one I could find...
  3. H

    Need tray for drainage to put under Smart Pots

    Hello, I'm using 18" diameter - 15gallon smart pots. I went ahead and bought 20" circular trays below it to catch the water but found out I will need 22 if not 24 or larger especially since 2 of my 6 plants will be going into a 20 gallon smart pot. Would anyone know an inexpensive tray...
  4. Lansky

    200 Gallons Smart pot

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to make my own 200gallons smart pots. I heard about pond underlayment but not sure this is what to use. if anyone has info much appreciated. :thumb:
  5. H

    My First Grow - Pre-Journal Post - Feedback Please

    Hello Everyone, I am very looking forward to getting this grow up and running for March 01st. Here is my setup - not all purchased so please comment to ensure optimal success. I will be doing 4 separate plants in 15 gallon smart pots in a mix of soil yet to be determined with separate...
  6. Komplex180

    5 gallon Smart Pots

    Looking for a little advice. I transplanted my 4.5 week old ladies into 5gal smart pots. They were transplanted from a solo cup. I would use the lift method to see if I needed to water, as well as scratched into the soil until second knuckle to check for dryness. This method worked really well...
  7. Komplex180

    Storing excess soil

    Hello all I'm trying a mix of FFOF, worm castings, Dr Earth BB, compost and perlite. I know I will have way more soil than I need once I fill my smart pots, since they are only 2 5 gal smart pots. So I was wondering how to store the excess soil. I definitely don't want it to go to waste.
  8. cnile

    Chemicals for sterilizing

    what u guys use? reusing pots reusing smart pots cloning machines between crop
  9. steppedinds

    Grobo cabinet

    thought this little setup was pretty sweet. comes with all kinds of goodies and can functionally sit anywhere in your home. really awesome for small growers. i wish it had a bigger sister. smart phone app controlled, auto-nute feeder, res float valve, ppm sensor, ph sensor... enjoy...
  10. K

    Smart Approaches To Marijuana Wants Minimum Age Of 25 For Access To Cannabis

    Vancouver — You have to be 19 to by alcohol here, but only 18 in next door Alberta; the minimum age for cannabis could also be different across the country once laws come into place. One group wants to make sure weed isn't offered to anyone below the age of 25. That would be the minimum...
  11. P

    10 gallon to 65 gallon smart pot?

    I have my crown royal fem, approx 5 ft high and very wide, fully rooted in 10 gallon plastic pot outdoors full sun from 8 am till 8pm, gets watered every two days with nutes (dutch nutrient formula 2part mix) every other water, my question is since its full rooted and I have till around sept...
  12. baxbax

    Question about smart pots?

    Hello, I have plan to sew fabric pots with geotextile fabric because they are cheap and total cost is less expensive then buying smart pots in big litres . i find a local company that make geotextile fabrics at different types in Thickness weight and etc . I think most important part about...
  13. 3

    45 Gallon Smart Pot - 1000W HPS - GG4 - Indoor

    What strain is it? GG4 Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg, flipping to flower in 4 days Indoor or outdoor? Indoor If soil... what is in your mix? Peat moss, perlite, lava rock, home made ewc, rock dust, oyster shell powder, crustacean...
  14. S

    Smart Pots/Fabric Pots - Pros? Cons?

    Hi Guys, Wanted to share my experience using smart pots and see if people have had similar experiences. Mine are mostly negative. Cons. 1. Transplanting is a bitch. If you underestimate the size you need your in trouble. I tried to go from a 5 gal to 7 a few weeks before flowering...
  15. Greenethumb42

    5 Gallon Smart Pot vs 5 Gallon Regular Pot

    Hello 420 grower''s I am doing a little experiment with a 5gal Smart Poydras vs 5 gal Regular Pot..So far they have been in these pots for 2 weeks now and beleave it or not but the one that is in the regular 5gal pot is taller then the one that is in the smart pot..but the one in the Smart Pot...
  16. P

    My autoflower seedling sprouted off-center of my container - Is this bad?

    I planted a auto berry autoflower in a 1 gallon smart pot and and it sprouted about 2 and a half inches from the edge of my smart pot instead of the center of it. Is this bad ? And will i have any problems because of it ? I am planning on keeping it in the 1 gallon smart pot untill the end of...
  17. MediGrower1

    When to transplant from 2 gallon smart pots?

    Ok peeps like the title says.. I need advice. Most of the info I've dug up is on 1 gallon pots. My girls are in 2 gallon smart pots and it's been a week since the roots hit the bottom. So I know they have been building to fill the pot for at least a week.. Smart pots aren't easy to just dump...
  18. I

    New grower lost in how to use nutrients for soil grow

    Hi i am a new grower im growin 3 unknowns from seed in 3gallon smart pots under a 400 watt hid in a 2×2.5 5'7 grow tent. Tempertures and humidity are always between 78 and 88 and above 35% all times throug out the day. I started my seedlings in happy frog and now i potted up to the smart...
  19. P

    How do you post pictures when you are posting with your smart phone?

    My early miss auto is 21 days old above soil. I want to start a thread and post a picture of it with my phone because my computer is down. i uploaded a picture of it with my smart phone to 420 pictures but i dont now how to post it on a thread using my phone. Is there a way to post a picture...
  20. A

    Amygdala's LED Grow

    Good morning, good afternoon and good evening fellow 420'ers, I come here seeking knowledge and advice for my first ever medicinal cannabis grow. Growing my own medicine has been a life long dream of mine and through alot of hard work I have finally been able to start my journey. I have started...