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  1. captainhowdy

    Captain Howdy's LED, Soil, Gelato & Bagseed 2019-2020

    Hello and welcome to my grow journal! Feel free to post any questions or comments! All comments are welcome but please be respectful! Strain: Gelato and Bagseeds (regular) Indica, Sativa or Hybrid: Gelato is sativa leaning hybrid. Veg or Flower stage: Veg How long: 3rd week Indoor or...
  2. 20190511_171449.jpg


    Main cola of my green stem lebbie
  3. W

    2nd Grow 1 Seed Midnight Snow x LED Gooey

    Popped a seed that was given to me. I only germinated 1 because I had a couple others that just sprouting this other 2 died. Not sure why both sprouted with yellow leaves then died right after. So we'll see if this 1 will be a female. Wish me luck. Strain: midnight snow x Led Gooey In...
  4. SaltyThings

    Outdoor Greenhouse Bloom - CDP - Coco/Perlite/Soil - Smartpots

    Hello, I had some plants donated by a buddy, he wants me to test out the small greenhouse we setup. He hooked me up with two extra CDP's at the end of Veg. I repotted them from 1Gal. Smartpots in soil to 5Gal. Smartpots with my custom mix of 25/25 Coco/Perlite and 50 Soil. This is the first...
  5. X

    2nd Grow - Urban Poison - LED - Coco in SmartPots - Manifold/Mainline/Fluxing

    Second Grow, first journal. Using a 300w LED grow light 2x Nirvana Urban Poison feminized seed 3 gal SmartPots General Hydro nutes Small grow space, limited on height First grow was an auto NL, which yielded quite a bit. First attempt at non-auto, as well as Manifold training...
  6. Y

    can you damage your roots? smart pots, roots grow through pots

    so i have 30 gallon smart pots for my outdoor grow. some plants are bigger than others and i wanted to move them around a little bit so the smaller ones can get more morning sunlight.... the problem is, i begun to move one pot, really slowly lifting up the pot and i noticed the roots growing...
  7. Y

    Watering outdoor smart pots

    Hello fellow 420 members! This is my first thread:420: My grow consist of 30 gallon smart pots and the question I have is, should I water everyday or should I wait a day between watering and feeding. My buddy stresses over giving them 3 gallons of water everyday but I check the soil and...
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