1. SauronBlue

    Ready to quit growing due to low quality & smell

    I've been growing on and off for about 5 of the last 10 years. I've mostly done soil, but I've been switching to coco lately, to try to get out of my rut. I started with 600w MH/HPS combo for veg/flower in a tent. Back then, I had little invested, and my environment was really hot, rh wasn't...
  2. JamesOaceO

    Bud not to growing to full potential, hit and miss

    Here's my dilemma: I have 5 or 6 grows under my belt now but my bud seems to always be turning out a little harsh or not tasty and sometimes too compact. Some plants have been fine and been a little sweeter, but most have been dark greenish and just a harsher smoke. I think I am messing up the...
  3. Angel413

    I need help drying my baby’s #tips

    What’s the best way to dry my baby’s ? What’s the best room temp? Should I Manicure my plant Before drying? How to get that real smell ? I don’t want my plants smelling like hey pls help
  4. vyserage

    2 same strain plants cure with different results wtf?

    OK so I have 2 plants that are Gorilla Glue #4. Harvested at same time, for now I'll refer to them as plant 1 and plant 4. Plant 1 is still curing at 65% humidity in jars since the 14th of december. Anytime humidity hit 66 or higher I would leave top off of jar for 1 to 2 hours. If humidity...
  5. G

    Bloombox or DIY?

    Hello all you 420 people out there. I am new here and just going to start my own grow. I have done it before but only on a very small scale with limited lighting and that was a long time ago. With the stuff that is available today I am a little torn as to which way to go. There is...
  6. D

    Kali Orange 0.3 Gram In A J

    Had this for a few weeks now and it never fails to disappoint. The strong pungent fruity skunk smell is a treat whilst rolling up. The buds are dense and completely dominated by long thick orange hairs, even the crystals shimmer a little bronze. The dense buds fluff up mega when ground up. This...
  7. Ron Strider

    ID: Skunk Smell In Rexburg Mistaken For Marijuana

    As one resident in Rexburg learned this past weekend, the smell of marijuana and the smell of a skunk can be very similar. On Saturday, police in the East Idaho town responded to a complaint about the odor of marijuana coming from an apartment complex. "The area was checked, and it was...
  8. Ron Strider

    CO: Does Marijuana Attract Bears

    While camping in bear country, one needs to secure all food and toiletry items that have an odor so as not to attract bears. Is the same true of your stash? Cannabis has been known to attract dogs, but we couldn't find any case studies on bears being drawn to the smell. Obviously, edibles...
  9. Ron Strider

    UK: North Somerset Residents Complain Their Towns Smell Of Cannabis

    A pungent stink is hanging over Nailsea — with shoppers complaining the town smells of cannabis. People visiting the town center on Friday noticed the stench as they were getting their groceries — with some speculating police had found a cannabis factory in the town. The smell is so...
  10. N

    White Widow

    My ladies are doing fine! I'm worried about the smell when they start blooming. They are in pots outside, is there anything I can do to minimize the smell.
  11. steppedinds

    Hiding the smell outside home

    Any1 got any good tips? I've got 2 Phresh carbon filters going, more than what I need, but nearing the end of flowering you can clearly smell, what smells like burning bud, outside my apartment. Every1 is noticing...currently looking at Lemongrass EO and Citrus Magic as an option. I plan on...
  12. Ron Strider

    UK: Council Asks For Help Mapping Cannabis Smell

    People are being asked to follow their noses to help find the source of a mysterious cannabis smell wafting across parts of East Anglia. The "weed-like" whiff has been reported across west Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for several weeks. British Sugar is investigating whether it is from its...
  13. G

    First grow ever - Have some questions

    Hey all, This is my first attempt at growing, finally got my license to do it legit! (I am in canada) I had 5 month wait to get my license so I spent that time reading the entire Ed Rosenthal growers handbook and have learned a lot, and committed a lot of time and resources to this but...
  14. Ron Strider

    What's That Smell In The Air? In Boston, Marijuana

    Bonnie Sashin smelled it wafting on State Street. Cathy Kleinbart gets a daily whiff on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. Asya Partan encountered it while waiting to cross the BU Bridge. "A couple of guys opened a window and a cloud blew out," she said. Samantha Shapiro's children smell it so...
  15. Ron Strider

    UK: British Sugar Cannabis Farm 'Weed' Smell Investigated

    A sugar producer is investigating whether its cannabis farm is responsible for a smell which has been baffling Norfolk residents for a week. British Sugar began growing a non‐psychoactive variety of cannabis at its Wissington plant this year for use in children's epilepsy medicine. Following...
  16. X

    Will it smell soon?

    Hi everyone, Easy question for pro grower. White Cookie growing Currently, im at 21 days into flowering and i have a little question that im worried about. I have 4 plants in a tent 4 X 4 X 80 in my garage. They are in a closed room that is 15 X 10 into that garage. My garage size is...
  17. C

    That hay smell

    Newb question #314. I cut up and hung my first plant 5 days ago. Initially, I hung it up in a spare bathroom, but the smell was too strong and seemed to be getting progressively worse. I rigged up a box in my tent and hung them two days ago, which allows them to hang freely, gives them good...
  18. B

    How much smell do 3 small plants actually produce?

    Hey guys, starting to worry about how much my 3 plants are going to smell. I do not have any kind of carbonfilter system so simply pumping the air from the grow tent out in the room. My question is to you more professional growers, how much will it smell? The strain is northern light and the...
  19. F

    PLEASE HELP _ Droopy Leaf_DWC_Mottling

    Hi My baby has started drooping and I am not sure what to do.... I added 10ml H202 to my 25l res and have not seen any change, the roots look off white tan and there is no funky smell. So I am not sure if this is the beginning root rot. Please check my Grow Journal for any...
  20. H

    female with full trichomes became hermi male can be smoked?

    Hi guys. i was in late flower stage week 9 of my last female sativa plant and the trichomes were transparent (not ready yet). so i gave it 3 more weeks and they still wasn't ready but it became hermi. today i harvest it and while i clean it i found: 1) 20 seeds 2) it has a smell of a male (not...
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