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  1. LEDRF

    Samantha Stone Smoke Report of Auto Euforia by Dutch Passion

    Samantha' smoke report, weed review of auto Euforia by Dutch Passion Seeds. The strain is pretty good over all. Ultimate is better. I did get 7.3oz dry from her, but she was so huge. Took up too much space. From a much smaller plant, I go 7.8oz dry=auto syrup by Buddha Seeds. Looks = 8.5...
  2. LEDRF

    Samantha Stone Smoke Report: Auto Syrup by Buddha Seeds

    Here is the video and write up. Enjoy. Great strain. Yielded 6.2oz dry from one plant. Auto Syrup by Buddha Seeds Looks = 8.5 out of 10. Smell = fruity but weak. Strength of smell 3 of 10. Smoothness = 8.5, meaning very smooth Taste: Earth but weak. 5.5 Mostly...
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