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    How to cut cannabis clones - With a Katana!

    ****************** I am a paid advertiser here ****************** Please share this video to every smoker or grower you know for some good laughs ;) In these most simple steps, the grower we sponsor, shows you in this educational series, how to cut clones. So be sure to hit your friends up...
  2. A

    Method to clean my system

    I swallowed a bag of weed approximately (0.7 grams) I have the whole weekend when I induced the bag wensday night. I should be getting tested on Monday or Tuesday. Im not a regular smoker haven't smoked in months so what should I do to not give a diluted urine.
  3. G


    :420: like to say thank you for allowing me to join this wonderful group of smoker ppp my gf
  4. GoodTimesSlim

    Experiment - Literally Smoke Your Weed

    So I've been seeing lots of articles and people talking about drying and curing weed. Seen methods that take months, seen methods to microwave a fresh cut bud so it can be smoked. Anyways, anyone got a back yard smoker and want to try drying buds over it?? Maybe it works. Have some...
  5. G

    First ever grow

    Hi, basically this is going to be my very first attempt at growing and I would like to share it with all and hope that you can help me along the way. My first predicament is whether to use LED light or HID light? Especially since soon we will be going into winter time and I might need the heat...
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