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    Smoking Marijuana Is Healthier Than Obesity, Says Leading Psychologist

    An addiction to either food or drugs can both lead to poor health, but according to notable psychologist Gary L. Wenk, people are better off smoking weed than smoking ham. Wenk, a distinguished psychology professor at the Ohio State University and Medical Center, recently penned an article...
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    MI: Bill Allowing Landlords To Ban Medical Marijuana Smoking Goes To Snyder's Desk

    Gov. Rick Snyder has just a few bills from last session left to consider. Among them is a bill that would allow landlords to include a provision in their leases preventing tenants from smoking or growing medical marijuana. Bill sponsor Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) said the legislation...
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    CA: Bill Would Strengthen Rules Against Smoking, Consuming Marijuana While Driving

    A pair of lawmakers say Prop 64 doesn't go far enough when it comes to making it illegal to smoke marijuana while driving. So they've introduced a bill to change that. California's vehicle code is clear: "it is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle."...
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    MA: Landlords Hope To Keep Marijuana Growing, Smoking In Check

    Despite the promise of landlords and housing authorities having the right to ban homegrown marijuana under the new voter-approved recreational use law, there are still concerns about cultivation and use in those settings. The law will go into effect Dec. 15, barring a delay. George C...
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    Zambia: No Moral Justification To Arrest Anyone In Possession Or Smoking Marijuana

    About 5000 Zambians are languishing in prisons across the country for either possessing or smoking cannabis which offence is a victimless offence, the Green Party has revealed. Green Party president Peter Sinkamba said there was no moral justification to arrest anyone found in possession or...
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    Can Your Landlord Stop You From Smoking Marijuana?

    In four states and Washington, D.C., it's legal for Americans to possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. Twenty-four states and Washington, D.C. allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes. More states are expected to follow in both categories during the 2016 election. In...
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    Weed & Anxiety - Panic Attacks

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum because I'm smoking cannabis but I never got deep into this subject so I wanna learn something about it. And I just got a question for you all because I'm going to Amsterdam for the first time next month. :volcano-smiley: Just in case... I also looked...
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    Will smoking a strain high in CBD lower the amount of THC in my body?

    Will smoking a strain high in CBD lower the amount of THC in my body?
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    Bill Would Ban Smoking Including MMJ At Public Colleges In California

    The California Assembly has approved Assembly Bill 1594, a measure touted as banning smoking and vaping on all California State University and community college campuses statewide (smoking is already banned at the University of California). But as written, this measure also appears to outlaw...
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    Hello world

    Be smoking or be pass
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    Marijuana paired with Euphorix

    Hey Guys, I recently found out about this drink called Euphorix. It's supposed to be a good pair if you drink it before smoking. I just ordered some off their site. Has anyone tried it? feedback?
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    Pot and prostate cancer

    I am a newbie on here but not to pot. I am 66 and stopped smoking pot about 20 years ago. Having found out this summer that I have stage 4 prostate cancer which has metastasized to my bones and a couple years to live went looking for something to help. Looked it up and sure enough people were...
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    Smoking hashish before taking USA visa

    Hi guys , I hope it be the right place for my questions In short , I`m beneficiary for US visa . I was smoking hashish for long time and I quit before making my medical examination . In the medical examination the doctor did not ask me any thing about smoking hashish . and I made blood test...
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    Health-Conscious Stoner from WA State

    What’s going on everyone :) My name is Mike Lee, and I VapeWeed42047 = Vape Weed for 24/7 I started smoking with bongs, blunts, joints. But over the years as I studied Biology in College, I started becoming more health conscious. So I stopped eating junk food & worked out almost every day...
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    Smoking better

    Hello people I'm new here and I hope my english is not too bad. I would like to ask you if you've got some special smoking techniques or something:D Or do you have a special way to build your joint so it gets stronger? Is there something to eat to increase the effect? I'm not the most...
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    Help please - How long does it stay in my system?

    Hi guys I was smoking Hashish for 1.5 years daily . I stopped smoking for 120 day completely , then I smoked for only one day in NOV.8 . I want to ask how long this single use for hashish will stay in my system ? I have a medical test In January , I 88 kg with 18% body fat and I workout...
  17. VaporStore

    Hello From VaporStore

    We have been around for a while. Selling vaporizers since the mid 1990s. A long time supporter of 420 magazine. We are going to try and be more active on the forums. If you see something that needs our attention please message us and let us know. We are here to answer any questions you may have...
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    New here Check it out! Colorado Grower!

    Hey everybody and 420 magazine community what's up? As I am new here I'm just giving you and idea I will have grow journals and stuff like that but I myself am a medical cannon is user and grower looking to make new friends and get advise with stuff I may need help with
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    Bongs, Blunts, Joints, Vape etc.

    If you had to choose one method/form of smoking or oral marijuana consumption for the rest of your life what would it be? Personally i would have to say Bongs or bowls because there are so many different pieces to choose from,
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