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snapped broke broken stem

  1. 77Camaro

    4 month old plant broken off completly

    Dinamed CBD So my %^$%^& dog must have rolled on one of my CBD plants (3 1/2 ft tall) and broke it completely off about 4" from the ground. I have just found it now (about 7hrs later). The stem feels a little dry and brittle now but all the leaves look fine.(not dropping) It must have laid on...
  2. D

    Mishap while flowering - Day 8

    Just made an LST blunder. A stem couldnt support the angle/weight I was aiming for and it snapped a few minutes after I walked away having set it up. I thought I heard something but with all the commotion in my room I didnt register it for a few minutes. I'm 8 days into flowering, but with no...
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