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    Snow white
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  3. Sharksbreath

    Sharkbreath's Mystery Grow!

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member here. I've always been a fan of 420 magazine and browsed the forums to help myself learn as much as possible about growing marijuana. This is my first serious grow, I ordered 5 White Widow fem and 5 Snow White fem seeds from Nirvana. They also sent me 10 free...
  4. Scarfinger68

    Snow White & Northern Lights

    Soil grow in FFOF, grown in 20 oz cups, 8 CFL 42 watt lights. Snow White: 46th day of 12/12 Snow White bud shot Northern Lights at 46th day of 12/12 Northern Lights at 46th day of 12/12 Northern Lights bud shot

    600w Lots-O-Strains Blue Planet SOG

    First timer!! Growing 5 feminized thc bomb 6 bagseed. hempy buckets under 184w cfl 6 6500k 2 2700k 23-27w each for veg,280w 12 2700k 23-27w each for flower. The thc bomb just got put in a shot glass today to germinate will let sit over night then over to paper towel method once tap root shows...
  6. S

    Wonderwoman, BlackJack, Snowhite 2 150W HPS

    Wonder woman has been in the flower stage for 9 days and Snow white has been vegging for 2 weeks Bj for about 40 days. Using fox farms ocean forest in misc. containers in order to fit them in my Pc box for veg. On the flowering plants im using big bloom and tiger bloom. Counted 18...
  7. MJ Crescendo

    MJ Crescendos 'Operation Snowflake' Journal

    Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mixed, primarily indica (fem snow white) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling If in Veg... For how long? 1.5 months If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor dr80 Soil or Hydro? Fox farm ocean forest If soil... what is...
  8. alientic

    Alientic's 2nd Grow of Snow White and Supergirl

    Hey :cheer2: This is round 2 :pop2: of my next grow of 2 Snow White and 2 Supergirl. This grow began on 3/10/09. My first grow was a little rough with the SLS nutes, so this time I'll be using Advanced Nutrients Grow-Micro-Bloom (GMB), Big Bud Bloom Booster Powder, Overdrive and Grandma...
  9. X

    Xlr8's PPP and Snow White grow cab journal 2009

    Hi all - I thought I would attempt to journal my first grow - first of all, I welcome constructive feedback, and feel free to give any valuable advice you might have here! A few details - Really only trying to provide for myself, so this is small scale. I'm starting with PPP and Snow...
  10. alientic

    Alientic's 1st Grow of PPP, Snow White and Supergirl

    Well this is my first grow and I welcome any advice, questions, input, etc. My goal was to make the process as simple as possible. So I purchased the Cool Cab. I set the Cool Cab up last night and she’s now off and running. I decided to plant 6 seeds instead of 14. After reading several...
  11. Runamok

    First Time Hydro!

    Ok... here we go. Starting my first ever Hydro grow. I bought a Waterfarm and have set it up as per directions. I combined the included ferts as directed for a "seedling" as I really wanted to start slow and work up. I cleaned the clone I had which is from a Snow White with distilled water...
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