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  1. ptk2k

    Should I wash my Rosemary oil spray off after use?

    hey all! i've got a couple ladies at about day 60 of veg. UltraDan was kind enough to send me a bottle of SNS 217, & since mites have been a problem for me in the past, i figured i'd be precautionary and give them a spray this morning after harvesting some autos. figured might as well, since no...
  2. indochronic

    Which SNS pest spray?

    whats up guys bit of a silly question probley, but im not sure what one would be best for my mites problem on the SNS line. (1) SNS 209 system pest control? (2) SNS 217 spider mite control or (3) 217 spider mite concentrate ? I think iv two small bugs spidermites and something that look very...
  3. Marzbadrock

    SNS Perfect Mix Journal

    Welcome all to my journal, I will be using SNS perfect mix nutrient from my POTM winnings. I am growing 5 Montana Kush, 2 Back in Black, 1 hybrid (Back in Black×MT kush× Purple Knite) and 1 Bubba Gift from HSO. I am growing under 1000 watt hps, in soil, 12/12 lighting begun on Dec 1st...