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  1. Fullyspectrum

    Germination time

    I soaked 1 x malowi seed for a few hours (until sunk) and planted into a jiffy pellet. Also have placed 1 x malowi seed in damp paper towel in zip bag. Approching day 3 and no sign of germination. Just wondering if anyone has had issues with large dark seeds? Soaked one was aboit twice normal...
  2. S

    Male or female?

    A few clippings of red diesel...still don't know it's gender yet... Do you?...12 and 12 for a week outdoors now... soaked the whole time with rain..
  3. H

    Can I save soaked seeds for later planting?

    I soaked a few of my seeds in water for 7-8 hours, but then I decided not to start growing them for now. If I save them for later use, would they still be viable? Any advice? tnx :Namaste: