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    DIY Air Diffuser: 1/4" Soaker Hose

    Hello 420 Mag Community. Apologies if this subject was already posted...I searched and couldn't find one specific to this subject. Just wanted to post my results so far in my efforts to build some soaker hose air diffusers. Wasn't at all happy with my first grow with the little air stones and...
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    Anyone use 1/4 inch soaker hose instead of drip irrigation in coco/perlite 75%/25%%

    Is it better to water with a watering can or use a soaker hose on a timer if I am growing in Coco Perlite 75/25%. I am thinking the slower you water, the more time the roots have to absorb the fertilizer/water. I was thinking of using a submersible pump , with a timer, and 1/4" Soaker Hose...