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  1. Dwight Monk

    Monk's Black Columbian OG & Blueberry Hashplant - Indoor - Soil

    Soaked two seeds of Black Columbian OG F1 (IBL) from Gold Crown Seeds on the 12th, put into soil on the 13th after soaking for 24 hours. A 9-10 week Flower time according to his website and a Straight up Sativa strain so might be longer than that. Woke up this morning to one popping up to say...
  2. B

    Grow Time - Big Chris - Let's Do This!

    Welcome all! I've been lurking here for a while now, and with the completion of our grow room I figured it is time to get a journal started. I'm new to growing, so bear with me while I try not to screw anything up :) I'll be growing for a few reasons. One, cannabis is awesome. Two, my...
  3. B

    Just Setting Up

    Hey all, Im just starting this journal prep for a grow in a few months . Ill be up dating this page with grow information as we get closer to soaking thw the seeds . Thanks to all who deside to come along for the ride :Namaste: