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  1. Ron Strider

    MA: SJC Spliffs The Difference In Marijuana OUI Case

    The state's highest court today ruled police officers can testify to observations made during field sobriety tests of drivers suspected of being under the influence of marijuana, but the results of the tests may not be used as sole evidence to convict someone of driving under the influence...
  2. K

    SJC Looks At Marijuana Sobriety Tests For Drivers

    In a state that just legalized the recreational use of marijuana, can field sobriety tests used to determine whether drivers are drunk also be administered to demonstrate that a person is too high to operate a motor vehicle? The state Supreme Judicial Court on Friday took up that question in...
  3. K

    MA: Can Field Sobriety Tests Be Used In Marijuana DUI Court Cases?

    Boston - The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is set to hear arguments Friday on whether field sobriety tests can be used as part of cases of driving under the influence of marijuana. The court case comes less than a month after recreational marijuana became legal in Massachusetts, while...