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  1. TheFertilizer

    Black Cherry Soda x Blackberry Kush or Platinum Girl Scout Cookies?

    So I got a little, tiny, minuscule amount of pollen from a Black Cherry Soda plant and I have a crop of Black Berry Kush and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies going. I primarily want to make some seeds, but I'm not sure which would have the chance at being a better cross. I don't know anything about...
  2. B

    What is better for CO2 production? Yeast or baking side and viniger?

    Yes I know that the general consensus in the community is that CO2 is only worthwhile if you buy the gas and have a elaborate nozzle system to disperse it, however I'm only going to be using it for a single plant in a sealed grow chamber of about eight teen inches wide, 3 feet long and 5 feet...
  3. Growlow

    I'm Back! - Growlow's Perpetual Organic Garden!

    G'day fellow 420'ers .....How strange it feels to be typing on this green page again! I sure hope to see some old faces and look forward to meeting the new. I have been very busy with my honey business out of New Zealand that my home garden became inoperative because I spent so much time over...