1. P

    PPM and my water

    Today i found that my tap water is 500+ ppm. Is is ok to use bottled water with 191 ppm Ca 68,4 mg/l Mg 4,97 mg/l So 9,46 mg/l is sodium to much? And im useing general hydroponics micro hard water thanks in advance.
  2. luciferP

    HPS in flowering how much light intensity lux can provide - I use car xenon lamp und

    I'm still the vegetative growth stage, I prepared a high-pressure xenon lamp 6 65W car for flowering stage, with 120 * 60 * 150cm plant growth tent. I have now used the 36 days, in the light 15cm for the sweet spot, the light intensity at 50000 LUX, tent edge in 18000 ~ 25000LUX. Now growing...
  3. R

    What is the best brand/type of bulb to flower with?

    Hi there people, I have done a couple of grows and am still a bit baffled by the bulbs you can get for flowering. I always veg my plants under a 400 hps dual specrtrum sunmaster and get good results, I know everyone says metal halide is best and im sure it is but i do fine with the hps. What I...
  4. ds8802

    Composted humus/manure tea. Safe to use?

    i just recenty started up a decent-sized batch (about 12-15 gallons) of compost tea with the following ingredients and ratios: About four liters of this: -80% compost/humus -20% manure Sitting in 10-12 gallons of oxygenated, purified H2O. It's been going for about a week and i have yet...
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