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  1. HigherTheHigh

    RQS USA Premium Seeds Run 8+ Strains

    Hello and welcome to my new grow journal. I was planning on having a year off after my O.G. Kush journal but the power of growing has got me tightly grasped still. I wont be growing on a big scale how i have in my last runs just 2 small tents, 1 veg & 1 flower Strains: Sweet Zkittles - Sweet...
  2. Bubbafreed

    SOG Technique

    Hi all, With SOG technique you looking to gain high yield in a short amount of time and more harvest as the process is quicker right? In that case when to flip to 12/12? As I guess it’s quicker than normal as your not wanting much of a stretch. Seeds are creme caramel and dominate black ii...
  3. D13328A3-6AA7-4820-BA12-BBD04130053A.jpeg


    Chemdog 91 9-7-18
  4. 3240CE3F-63BE-4AFF-B2AD-5D6D03D5BFED.jpeg


    Chemdog 91 9-7-18
  5. 95CBCD92-B94F-4429-8FF2-50994F7CA43B.jpeg


    Chemdog 91 9-7-18
  6. 2B4D0474-DF78-41CC-9454-CDD526941F32.jpeg


    Chemdog 91 9-7-18
  7. 87BAC221-FA7C-46CD-BEE5-E0D7529995CF.jpeg


    9-6-18 Chemdog 91 Temp 75f
  8. 0421E849-B9A8-4A11-8E75-6878E81CDD8F.jpeg


    9-6-18. Chemdog 91 day 1 above ground
  9. 20C1E344-F3E8-4C72-9A6A-35A4FA31D328.jpeg


    9-6-18. Chemdog 91 day 1 above ground
  10. 6910297E-3252-488F-9231-CB60507196E8.jpeg


    7 Chemdog 91 S1 9-5-18 SOG
  11. 7CD3FEB5-D38D-4F98-A3B7-FF9B549A8BDA.jpeg


    7 Chemdog 91 S1 9-5-18 SOG
  12. 5E8D9889-C643-45C5-A84D-355406640639.jpeg


    7 Chemdog 91 S1 9-5-18 SOG
  13. Santa Lebos

    4 Light Rotation Compact Grow

    The Setup a 6'x6.5' toilet transformed into a 3 light rotation. bottom area for flowering cut into 2 sections. The right side is split into a lower and an upper compartment. i have a build a custom closet for it. Adjacent to this toilet is another tiny room leading to the toilet. Which is 4.9' x...
  14. cmon

    SOG - 2 Litre - Perpetual

    Hello I stared my grow on November 22 2015. I am doing a SOG concept similar to my Hempy grow. But this time no Hempy because I had issue with deficiencies. Still am using 2lite bottles with my favorite dirt mixture. I am growing in a 32.5inx32.5in tent with a 400w hps. Water is RO. Nutes are...
  15. E

    ECG's Multi-Strain SoG

    Hey 420mag First post on any forum in a while. Been more of a ghost reader for the past few years, decided to finally put join the community and start a journal. Only actually my third run, having ran two separate ScrOGs with a single closet tent last year. Closed down my setup and reset 4...
  16. G

    Ganja Squad's - 600W LED - 50 2L Hempy Pots - White Widow - S.O.G. - 1st Grow

    Alright everybody I know there are tons of these on here but i decided that being my first grow i will go ahead and make a journal as I go through the process. For those who lack patience or simply don't wish to follow a day by day journal then this is not the thread for you. This is truly a...
  17. B

    Perpetual SOG — Theory to Execution?

    I am purchasing a new house, and will be able to utilize up to two bedrooms for my hobby, a considerable upgrade from the walk in closet I'm using now. My objective is to create a perpetual setup, harvesting approximately every two weeks. Basically something very similar to this...
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