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  1. Annabanana

    Anna's 3rd Time's A Charm: Fresh Start, Dr Kripplings

    My last journal attempt was scuppered by bad quality seeds. Now...after 6 orders and a nearly 3 month, frustrating wait, I've finally received some decent seeds.(Thanks to The Vault & The Seedsman!) So I'm gonna give it another whirl: SEEDLINGS: 10 x Incredible Bulk (Dr Krippling) FEM...
  2. E

    ECG's Multi-Strain SoG

    Hey 420mag First post on any forum in a while. Been more of a ghost reader for the past few years, decided to finally put join the community and start a journal. Only actually my third run, having ran two separate ScrOGs with a single closet tent last year. Closed down my setup and reset 4...
  3. H

    LED - 4x4 Grow Tent - SOG - Small Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys, prior to the new spot being up and running we are gonna run some seeds and see if we cant fine another flavor to run with Tangie. Same tent, same set up minus HPS( buying a couple more Platinums) one will be added before flower. Seeds germinating: 3 Greenpoint Florida Grape x...
  4. A

    Aardvark's New Grow 12 Hybrid Dutch Strains - Seed-SoG-Tent - 600W CFL Hydro-Aero-DWC

    Hey peeps, this is my first real attempt at doing this myself and its good to know so many of us are here to help one another out. This first posting is all about the background and plans for this project. I already have some photos up in my gallery area of my grow, which I just started on...
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