soil grow indoors

  1. Earthworm Castings-Soil Amendment

    Earthworm Castings-Soil Amendment

    1c per 3gl
  2. Seedling Feed

    Seedling Feed

    Long spray container to mist seedlings
  3. Bat Guano-Soil Amendment

    Bat Guano-Soil Amendment

    1/2c per 3gl
  4. Ecoworks EC-Botanical Insecticide

    Ecoworks EC-Botanical Insecticide

    Cold Pressed Neem Oil
  5. Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Soil of choice for indoor growing
  6. MathiasRuins

    Mega Jackpot Ready?

    I am starting week 6 of the flowering stage for the Mega Jackpot cannabis strain. I've read that this strain takes 9-11 wks til they are ready to be harvested. I just want to know if anyone can help me with the ratio of cloudy trichomes and the amber-colored trichomes so I know exactly when I...
  7. MikkaTheEnt

    GG4 Indoors In Soil

    Time for another few grows. Here's the first: Date started: 2018 Jan 10 Germination: Seed in between 2 moist paper towels, transferred to Rooter plugs in germination station Seed(s): feminized GG4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) photoperiod from Attitude Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors Tent: Vivosun...
  8. Ripe1

    Ripe1 Grow#1 - Cheese Auto In Soil Tent LED Fall 2017

    Welcome, have a seat, smile and say Cheese!!! Auto Cheese. Free Auto Cheese! What is on the menu? Strain: Cheese Auto Fem. (free from AMS as I spent $117 on regular Cheese and NYCTurboD) I/S: 75% Indica 25% Sativa Seed Medium: Jiffy Pellets Soil Medium: Fox...
  9. D

    Dragon's Soil Grow Of AK47 & Pineapple Express Auto 2017

    Hi all! This is my second grow. With the first, I started out with some basic research and initial supplies, but mostly it was a learn as you go endeavor. So now I'm taking what I learned from that one by doing it (and making many mistakes along the way) as well as much research on websites and...
  10. I

    Growing Blueberry Auto - 420 - & Purple Haze Auto - Soil LED 2017

    Contents: Strain: Blueberry Auto (420) and Original Sensible Seeds Purple Haze Auto Blueberry: 15% Sativa and 85% Indica Purple Haze: 60% Sativa and 40% Indica (4 days younger than BlueB) Indoor Soil Grow : BIOBIZZ LIGHT MIX 10L + 1L Miracle Grow (each pot) Pots : 3 Gallon Smart Pot # of...
  11. MrMango

    MrMango saying hello!

    Hi all at 420 mag! Im MrMango from the UK. Been reading the forums avidly over the last few months as I've prepped for my first grow since a half-hearted attempt a decade ago! I smoke to treat my depression and anxiety due to side affects of medication I was previously prescribed. Having got a...
  12. Lilface2016

    New guy, lilface 2016, tent first grow!

    Hi everyone. I think I've found my way around... we'll see. New to this forum and could use whatever help or experience to share. I'm new to growing and involved in my first soul grow. I have a variety of questions, so let's play with plants. Thanks all, G
  13. Chris Scorpio

    Scorpio's Cavalcade Of Horrors With Hempy, Genetics, Perpetual & Much Much More

    Well... as the saying goes, ya cant beat em, hunt em down, maim them, Burry em in the desert and leave em for the Scorpions. No.. Thats Not it As normal for me, I dive in head 1st, water in the pool???? who cares.. So I have 6 Fems going now in my small Veg Tent. After seeing all you Epic...
  14. Greenfox

    Bag Seed Grow Indoor - LED - Soil

    Started 8 seeds, all random, with strain possibilities of them being; lemon kush, lemon haze, frosty freeze, grape soda, and Chernobyl. Days1-5 were spent presoaking my seeds, Germination, Planting, emerging with their cotyledons, and first true leaves are starting to show. Watering...
  15. N

    First time MMJ grower - Need some help!

    As the title states this will be my first time ever growing anything from mother nature. I am in a lot of pain and finally decided to do something about it myself - i refuse to take the morphine my doctors want to medicate me with. In the end i wont die of the pain i feel - but using morphine...
  16. BeachWolf

    300W LED - Soil - Grow Box - Unknown Seeds

    Hi all, this is my first thread and grow journal. My goal is to be able to harvest 1 plant monthly, given a limited amount of space and time. I plan on trying several other setups in the future, but this is a tiny LED soil grow that I can closely manage and learn from before expanding. Grow...
  17. B

    3 x Girl Scout Cookies - 550W LED - Indoor - Soil

    Now that I've got 3 indoor grows under my belt.. it was high time to upgrade the equipment.. I'm hooked on growing and want to advance further. I was thinking about going Hydro but after some reading.. I'm just not ready to take that plunge.. so for now, it'll be a soil grow. Here's some...
  18. dubnation

    Dubnation's - Indoor/Outdoor - Winter Grow Journal - 2016/2017

    Winter experiment: Indoor Veg/Outdoor Flower (Southern California) Quick overview/goals: I've had the great benefit as a beginner of having a farmer give me his 12" babes after 6 weeks of veg and then I've been keeping them outside in backyard in 10-gal fabric pots. The first grow...
  19. J

    Plants left on thier own for 1 weeks Holidays

    As the title states, my plants were left for 1 week on their own and doing fine on my return after exactly 1 week, 4 hours and 19 minutes. Seeds - x3 autoflowers, 2 purple berry strains and 1 free seed from herbies Soil - Canna Pro (lighter mix) Pots - x3 10L plastic pots with extra holes...
  20. T

    Tomaleaf's First Grow - Early Miss - Closet - 2016

    Just received seeds, Early Miss auto flower fems, and have started to germinate them following the suppliers instructions. Been on paper towel for a couple of days now, should start to crack and show tap root soon. I plan to transplant them to soil in small pots and put lights on for 24...
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