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  1. H

    HappyEarth No Till Organic Grow Journal 2018

    I have a room for flower that is 4 foot by 7 foot by 6 1/2 foot tall. It is equipped with 3-600 watt HID lights, 6 inch exhaust with a carbon filter, an oscillating fan wall mounted, and a 14,000 BTU portable A/c Unit. I plan on running the middle HID light on HPS and the 2 side lights on MH for...
  2. K

    First Timer - Soil - 600W LED - White Widow & Candy Cane Autos - 2x4x7 Tent

    Please see 3rd post down. Formatting got all screwed up on initial post and could not be corrected. First Timer - Soil - 600wLED - WhiteWidow & Candy Cane Autos -2x4x7 tent
  3. nooberson

    The Claw - Too Much Nitrogen?

    What Strain is it? - Blue God Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - Indica (God Bud + Blueberry) How Many Plants? - 5 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? - Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? - 7 Weeks Indoor or Outdoor? - Indoor Soil or Hydro? - Soil If Soil... What...
  4. Oregonash

    Mars Hydro LED Grow - 24x48 Tent - 1st Grow

    Hello, I am a beginner on this but having lots of fun. I have the following set up: Apollo 24x48x60 tent Three Mars hydro reflector 96x5 204 true watt lights. Two fans, one stand up pushing air around and one 6" exhaust. Soil blend Half fox farm ocean blend half happy frog Added crab meal to...
  5. BeachWolf

    300W LED - Soil - Grow Box - Unknown Seeds

    Hi all, this is my first thread and grow journal. My goal is to be able to harvest 1 plant monthly, given a limited amount of space and time. I plan on trying several other setups in the future, but this is a tiny LED soil grow that I can closely manage and learn from before expanding. Grow...
  6. W

    Early Harvest? Need Help - Photos

    Hey all, first time grow and first time post. Now before you all go tits and tell me everything I'm doing wrong, let me explain. I know my plants aren't perfect and I know all the mistakes I've made during my grow, I've spent a lot of time researching and doing my best to correct problems I've...
  7. Lord Simmer

    White Widow - Robert Bergman

    This was my first grow Strain Name - White Widow R From - Robert Bergman When - 8/16 Price - 3 seeds for $35 Type - 60 sativa 40 indica Appearance - Green and orange hair Smell - great. not as heavy as one would think Taste - delicious in joints and the first green hit in bowl...
  8. J

    Leaf Discolouration - Need Help

    Day 30 from seed Found these leaf discolouration. this is 2fast 2vast in soil. Need help ASAP.
  9. S

    SCROG - Snowcap - 5x5 Tent

    5x5 grow lab 1000watt hps 6" inline fan exhaust 5 gal pots with roots 707 soil 9 SNOWCAP clones Started journal a little late but hope everyone enjoys, i am on day 23 of veg now:welcome: Plan to let the net fill out a bit more and then flip to flower. I am always...
  10. S

    Second Grow Indoor/Outdoor Soil Grow

    Strains - fy9? alien og Fem Critical hog Fem Northern lights x big bud Auto Fem Cookies bag seeds super lemon haze bag seed Soil - Roots organic & Fox Farm Ocean Forest Stage Veg(but im alreadys seeing the pre flowers?) Lights- Bag seeds = Outdoor Northern ligts x Big bud =...
  11. G

    GangstaJah's - 178W Total CFL - Soil - Grow

    Wassssssuuuuuuuppppppppp :420:, this is kinda my first grow, i've tried with about 15 seeds altogether now and couldnt really get them past seedling stage. However those were the times of cardboard boxes and gaffer tape :laugh2: I've invested in a grow tent (black orchid hydro-box light) which...
  12. C

    CannaPeace's 1st Grow - 400W HID - GLR/DLC - Kryptonite/Anubis/Bag Seeds - 2015/2016

    Hi all and welcome to my first grow journal. Huge thanks to all people from all around the world, sharing their experiences, knowledge and secrets, inspiring and leading me through my first grow. Some about 6 months ago, I decided to grow my own stuff, as I did 4-5 times before outdoors...
  13. N

    Not sure if the sex is viable yet

    Anyone know if this plant is male or female? I think it's not showing the sex yet...
  14. Cdogg

    New grower new member currently scrogging Shining Silver Haze

    Hey guys check out my grow journal in my signature 6 x shining silver haze 300w cfl/600w MH/ 600w hps I'm in week three of flower and all is looking gooood :thumb: I've already had some help getting used to the site and am really happy and grateful I picked :420: Peace
  15. SoloVoodoo

    Solovoodoo's Crop King Seeds - White Voodoo & Blueberry Grow

    So this will be my attempt at the start of a journal to keep everyone informed on my current grow so far I think I may have a decent enough setup to start. My current equipment follows Strain: White Voodoo from CKS, blueberry from CKS, and og kush from rare earth seeds Light: 600w hps light...
  16. arellanobrian

    Mars Epistar Pro Series 160 LED Tester Grow - Dark Dragon - SCROG

    Hello :420: family!!! as some may already know I have been honored with the chance to test out he new Mars Pro Epistar 160 LED and have just received the light 3 days ago. There are alot of upgraded features like upgraded drivers and diodes for better efficiency and light intensity/PAR but some...
  17. BillBud

    AutoFem Grow - 600W HPS - 20/4 - Kush N Cheese - Dr K Incredible Bulk - Royal Cheese

    Hi Guys, First Auto grow. -600w HPS -Basic extractor & fan kit -Tent: 1x2, 1x2, 2m -Bio Bizz light mix soil (30% perlite added) -10 litre round buckets -Basically been reading shit loads on peoples experiences and advice. Used logic and what knowledge I could to put together my...
  18. trichome9

    Surprised They Lived!

    Bucket: 3 Gallon Smart Pots (round) Medium: FFOF (Fox Farm Ocean Forest) Lights: One 600W HPS, Two 150W HPS' Nutrients: None Strains: White Widow, Northern Lights and Cheese Stage: 4th week of flowering Started outdoors with expensive seeds from Amsterdam and was pleasantly surprised...
  19. G

    GIbuds - Soil - COTC Cash Crop - 1st Grow - 2015

    Hey guys, welcome to my first grow Base info: Strain: COTC cash crop (N.L. x BigBud) Medium: Roots Organics original Container: smart pot 7ga/ 3ga DIY planter bucket( im experimenting with 2 sizes to see how big one gets over the other) Nutrients: General Organics Go-box Tea additives: Bat...
  20. C

    help me! tent sizes! new grower

    hi guys im kinda new to growing i have grown a few plants before ive decided its time to upgrade and get a tent! i was looking to grow 10 plants to a decent size and was wondering what tent size you guys recommend or what brand or even the best grow tent kits? im looking at doing a soil grow...