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  1. Jerrix509

    Living soil? Home medical grow

    I’m interested in making a living soil that can get me as far as I can go before needing a top dressing. How are you guy keeping your moms? How often are you top dressing? When is the last feed before flush? What should I get? What brands should I get? Any help to help me skip some...
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    Soil mixing
  4. Y

    Yankeetoker At It Again: C99 & Pineapple Chunk In Soil Under LED Lights

    Strains: C99 (Cindy) and Pineapple Chunk (Patti) Soil: Modified PeeJay mix (seedling mix first 14 days, veg mix 30-40 days, flowering mix to finish) Nutes: None! Lights: 23W CFL (first 5 days), 125 watt (first 2 weeks) /200 watt CFL (remainder of veg), (2) Mars Hydro 300 LEDs and a...
  5. P

    Soil from scratch?

    Hi dear grower community, ladies 'n' gentlemen, dear friends and enemies ! I have a major problem mixing my first pot soil, the problem is I can't buy any premixed soil bags, and many of those items listed in supersoil mixes by brand names only. cuz I don't live in USA, and can't order...
  6. S

    Better Late Then Never - White Widow Auto Fem In Soil - LED

    Hey, I am starting this journal more as a point of reference in which I can keep track of things I know I will forget :thumb: Here is where I started and where things are at present: * Dec I ordered 10 White Widow auto fem seeds from Crop King - no issues arrived quickly "shoot out to...
  7. arellanobrian

    Help With Reused Coco/Perlite Soil Mix

    I have a bunch of coco from my last grow and am not getting the best results from just reusing it so ive decided to step into making my first organic soil!! i have heard lots of great things of doc buds hi brix method but want to make due with what i have and add what i really need. im very...
  8. M

    Need help with mix and suggestion along with light help

    Hey everyone im starting a grow and need some help with a mix i got -Dolomitic lime -Alfalfa meal (hamster bedding this is all i could find is it ok?) -Fish bone meal -Rock phosphate -Worm castings -Bat guano -Kelp meal -Blood&bone meal -Epsom salt -Oyster shells ( the ones for...
  9. P

    My Small Time 100% Organic Multi Strain Tent

    Strains(Genetics) Bred By Me -Ace of Spades x GDP(female) Grandaddy Purple Seeds Orginal Grandaddy Purple x TGA Subcool Seeds Ace Of Spades Grandaddy Purple Seeds Original Grandaddy Purple Seed Link TGA Subcool Seeds Ace Of Spades Seed Link Selfed By Me Grandaddy Purple Seeds Bay...
  10. B

    Needing real world advice for soil mix!!

    I have read several forum posts, articles, etc. on grow mediums and they are all very informative but I have had trouble getting the suggested soils or soil ingredients suggested. I live in the southeast and ideologies and laws regarding marijuana are behind the rest of the country and still...
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