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    Beautiful fan leaf Bubba Kush
  2. Thetahoedude

    The Tahoe Dude's 10 Plant Outdoor Organic Greenhouse Grow

    Hello everybody! :ganjamon: Welcome to my first ever grow journal. My girlfriend is tired of hearing about the plants everyday so I figured I'd bring it here. I live in N lake tahoe and am a CA medical patient. The Plants 2- cherry pie clones. one in a full 30 gal smart pot the others 30 gal...
  3. L

    need help with soil asap!

    need help with soil please hi everyone. i need some help. its pretty sad but im legitt so broke right now i cant afford any potting soil. is there anyway to make just regular dirt good enough to grow with? or i got an old pile of like leafs nd dirt nd acorns and stuff from raking this time last...
  4. AscendedMasterKief

    AscendedMasterKief's Fourth Journal: KC45 Auto 2014

    The weather seems to be finally getting decent around these parts, so the other day I planted one of my KC45 Auto's (regular) outside. I planted it in the pot I plan to finish the pot in. Pretty much two or three days later, and I've got a half-inch seedling. :) Oh, and this is my first ever...
  5. G

    Soil in Canada

    hey guys, i am a first time grower and i need some advice on what soil to use. I am growing outside and fox farm soil is not available in Canada so if anyone could give me advice on what soil would be good that would be great, thanks!
  6. 4

    Strawberry Cough and Cheese Outdoor Grow

    Hello this is 420Chic, I also have an outdoor grow going on. I have to Cheese plants that I bought as clones. Then there is the Strawberry Cough, that girl and I have some history together. Soooooooooo....... So I started her and 4 other seeds all fem strawberry cough. Very first grow...
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