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soil ph problem

  1. M

    Flowering stage: leaf diagnosing

    So my first grow is finally coming to an end. I'm on my 6th week of flowering and having some issues with my leaves but I can't decide if it's a ph problem or a problem concerning too many or not enough phosphorous. Maybe someone with more experience and has seen it before will enlighten me.
  2. Marzbadrock

    Foxfarm soil and pH?

    Ive been in foxfarm soils for about 5 years now. I thought I was having deficiencies all the time from my feeding schedule being off. Well the conclusion I have came to is add 2 tablespoons dolomite lime per gallon of dirt and DO NOT to pH at all. The soil buffers and mantains ph levels for...
  3. ISEARCH56

    ISearch56 is Learning with Bag Seeds on the First Grow 2013

    First grow, not sure if my ladies are doing well? I just gave them their first feeding of Jungle Juice Micro, Grow and Bloom. I'm concerned about the discoloration on some of the leaves.Looking for some advise and guidence please. And thank you! I think i messed up!! I put the...
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