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soil ph watering

  1. WizHigh

    Dramatic Change In my Plants Health!? Please Input Needed!

    Plants are in 4th week veg. Im planning on doing a 2 month veg cycle. I just got a MH/HPS lamp 400w. Switching from a T5 HO 4bulb, was also using other lights. My plants was nice and perky before switching lighting. Ill show before and after picks. I watered 2 days ago using 4ml Grow and other...
  2. S

    Persistent Ph problem

    I'm on my third grow, in soil, Biomix light with perlite... Current grow is AK48, PPP, Northern Lights, all femenized. Problem is high ph.. everything starts off great with a ph of 7 - I adjust that by watering with ph adjusted to 5.2/5.4. And that corrects the ph, according to the runoff...
  3. DrTentgrow

    Canna terra pro plus soil what pH?

    Hello does anybody else here use canna terra pro plus soil if so i was wondering what pH people are watering it with im watering it with a pH of 5.2-5.5 my run off is 5.8-6.0 and when i use my soil pH tester it reads 6.7-7.0 its a cheap probe type pH meter and i don't know if i trust it or not...
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