1. Clones 2/10

    Clones 2/10

    Green Cush Clones at 2nd week of flower.
  2. S

    General Hydroponics Flora Trio at 100% strength?

    Hey everyone I just had a question about General Hydroponics Flora Trio for anyone who has used it before. I’m using a soiless coco medium and am using gen hydro Flora trio. Last run I was using at about 10% and ran into a ton of problems with nutrient deficiencies. So this run I decided to...
  3. K

    New to Guerilla Growing - pH question

    Hello I have been successfully growing indoors for the past few years with promix and general hydroponics liquid nutrients. I PH the water every time to 5.8 with or without the nutes to keep my soiless ph in the 5.8-6.2 area. This year I have found a spot and going guerrilla. I have mix...
  4. K

    What should I add to this soiless mix?

    Im on a very tight budget and looking to use this for the entire grow. Ive been looking around my area for a bag of promix but cant seem to find it. So far Ive got about 20 % sand, 30 % organic perlite, 50 % peat moss. Is there anything else vital I am missing here? Ive heard some...
  5. C

    Abandoned First Grow - Advice Welcome

    What's up 420MAG! Super excited about my first official grow and even more excited to share it with everyone and hope that it brings as much information and answers as possible. I just put 12 girls (clones) under the light yesterday and things are going so so. I'm going to share with...
  6. N

    Abandoned NobleWeed's Perpetual Grow, Soiless

    Well i guess its time for me to make a new grow journal since my last one has been over with for a while now. Well lets start with the basics. Q:What strain is it? A:I am growing my original hybrid from last grow, calling it F1. Also i am growing Seedman seeds Norther lights, Afghan #1...
  7. C

    Soil, Soiless, or hydro?

    Having trouble figuring out how I want to keep mother plants. I currently have one Home Depot bucket with a fish tank pump pumping solution in the bucket over the plant (stuck in a coco basket in a hole in the Lid), two waterfarm buckets, and one in soil. I eventually want to find a single mom...
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