1. Ron Strider

    One Million Expected In Oregon For The Eclipse - And Demand For Marijuana Is Surging

    Oregonians will be treated to one of the best viewings of the total solar eclipse – when the moon crosses between the Earth and the sun and blocks out the sun's light – on August 21. About one million people are expected to visit the state of Oregon in order to see the eclipse. It seems...
  2. S

    Solar lights setup

    Hi. I am trying to make grow lights setup which i should be able to run on solar pannels. I am not good with electronics, just want to know which and how many leds will work best for a 9 plants setup. Or if you have any idea about used grow lights with dimming feature. Please let me know.
  3. JuicyK404

    Longer Veg Outdoor With Solar LED Spot Light?

    Hey 420 world! I'm in kind of a pickle here, I grow indoors under an LED and the other day I found some good bag seeds germinated them and was planning on vegging them under my LED for about 3-4 weeks while I still have room in my tent then moving them outside when it gets a little warmer out...
  4. Emilya Green

    Do Electrified Plants Grow Faster? Let's Find Out!

    Yep, you read that right... There has been some talk about whether or not, applying a charge to the soil will make a difference in the grow. Some have made claims of accelerated growth and even a driving away of all bugs. We are going to attempt to find out. First, I selected two identical...
  5. L

    Solar powered cloning system

    Hi I'm Timothy 27 an in a wheelchair an I'm looking for specific Advice on combining solar power a homemade cloning system....I was referred to it a few years back I saw it on google a few years ago an saw u use 1"x1" solar panels And a solar powered pump but I'm lost on how to build it...I'm...
  6. A

    Need help asap solar panels and lighting

    Ok so I have a house I'm interested in it has 7,000 watt solar panel system. the house is completely off grid and would cost 130k to hook to Edison. the solar system itself cost 55k I want to run 2 10x10 grow rooms each throwing 1720 watts both for 11 hours a day. and one small veg tent...
  7. M

    Changing to LED

    I have the nice standard 2x600w MH/HPS, digital ballasts, with 6" fans, controllers and all the nice stuff. Just settled a $3,800.00 electric bill with Edison for the year. I run 220V solar also and am considered a generation station- bill once a year , not once a month. Believe me solar...
  8. S

    Solar Battery Power Question

    Im thinking about switching to solar/battery/power inverter set up for 3000 watts for 12 hours 7-7 (on over night so they charge during the day) How many watts of solar would i need as well as batteries?
  9. B

    Solar panel

    Hi all not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm currently on my first indoor grow And have set up a solar panel running a 4inch PC fan in the tent, it's running like a beast! And it's free!! My only concern is its sucking up more light then it's worth?? My plants do seem to be...
  10. El Gusanito

    Solar Oven Cannabutter

    found that I had loads of leaf and shake and the remains of my last heat destroyed batch. Time to clean house getting ready to start over with clones from My mothers. took @2 qts. of the above mentioned stuff and ground by hand to a corse powder removing most stems added hot water and 1 1/4...
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