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  1. Growgurl

    Only SolisTek lamps in SolisTek Ballasts?

    Hi there, I'm finding it difficult to find any online forums which discuss this exact topic. I just bought a pair of SolisTek Matrix 1000w digital ballasts and WAS going to run them with Hortilux lamps (600w for veg and 1000w for flower). That was until someone mentioned Hortilux's don't...
  2. Dankroots619

    Waterchilled 8 Gallon DWC - Tangie - SolisTek Double Ended - Newbie

    Hello fellow growers, been growing on and off for some time now, always wanted to take a shot at some DWC goodness and finally took the plunge. This is a test run for the new system to kind of get a feel for things. Currently building a DIY UC 4XL system. So lets get rolling :420: Setup Sun...