solo cup

  1. DesertStoner9

    DesertStoner's Coco LED Grow

    Hello everyone! Been following along for a year now and this community has been one of the greatest I've been part of. So much energy and advice here. Now that I've learned a bit more and have had some grows under my belt, both photos and autos, hope you all will help me improve. Now lets get to...
  2. Agemon

    The Red Cup!

    For those of you looking to join in, follow along, or just chime in, we are headed for maximum yield in a not so standard container. We are using clones in 18 oz solo cups with no more than 4 drainage holes, your soil of choice, your nutrients of choice, your strain of choice. We are going to...
  3. Marzbadrock

    Roots Of Agony - Marzbadrock's Ongoing Thread Of Hardcore Bondage & Confinement

    After some success with the "solo cup comp" it has been decided to keep the spirit of the comp alive with a small container perpetual grow. This thread is open to seeds, clones, photos and autos that are growing in a 1/2 gallon or smaller container. Looking forward to seeing unique...
  4. T

    Namaste's Soil Solo Cup Bag Seed - First Grow!

    :welcome: Welcome all! After lurking these forums, amongst several others, and being stuck in the 'research' phase for a little over 3 years, I finally decided to bite the bullet when I had some extra cash, and finally give this a go! Being my first time, all advice, questions and comments are...
  5. H

    43 solo cups of green on a couple of shelves, sea of green

    This is a way I did it so that I could get a lot to flower ASAP.... As soon as I get the picture uploaded. :cheer2: